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10-day Barak book fair kicks off in Silchar

Silchar, Nov 25: Book reading habit will not fade away despite the current internet surge. “At present, 38% people in India are using internet and the graph shows it will increase in the near future. Still I believe that book lovers will continue to nurture this noble habit. Books fairs have a long history. It was first organized at Germany, followed by London and Kolkata,” said Professor Jyoti Lal Chowdhury, senior journalist and educationist of Barak Valley. He was addressing as the inaugurator of Barak book fair 2016 which has began at Bipin Chandra Paul ground of this town, today. The 10-day book fair has been organized by Barak Upatakya O Banga Sahitya Barak Upatakya Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sammelan, Cachar District Committee, in association with Publishers and Book Sellers’ Guild, Kolkata.
Using a metaphor, Prof Chowdhury said, “Book fair has become a winter festival which sends a simple message that people are still nurturing this habit. Residents of the valley should feel blessed that book fairs are conducted every year and it will continue,” he added to say. Book reading is a culture which will not fade away with the passing of time and he expressed hope that book fairs will not cease to exist in the future. Sharing an anecdote, he said, “At a book fair held at Guwahati, it was seen that Bengali people are buying Assamese books and vice versa. This is truly heartwarming and definitely sends a positive signal.” He further said that people from different cultures and communities visits book fair and work of different authors are also found stalled. Book fairs are not only meant for buying books, but for gathering knowledge.
Dilip Kumar Paul, Deputy Speaker of Assam Assembly, who was also the chief guest on the occasion, said, “Book fairs are different from other fairs. I went to Ramkrishna Nagar as they organized book fair for the first time. Books of worth 5 lakhs were sold there. But demonetization took its toll on Hailakandi book fair. I used to read books, but it ended when I plunged into politics.”
Taimur Raja Choudhury, president, Barak Upatakya Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sammelan, Cachar District Committee in his inaugural speech placed a few demands which comprise renovation of Bipin Chandra Pal ground on which the book fair is being organized and allotment of funds from the government for conduction book fairs. “We have sailed across many storms and turbulences and have been organizing book fair despite all odds. When Assam Sahitya Sabha organizes a book fair, they get fund from the government. But we have been deprived of this grant.” He added that cultural programmes, extempore speeches, discussion session on current and relevant topics would be organized daily evening till December 4. “We have decided to give coupons worth Rs.200 to each student participants in the extempore speech competition. Using the coupons, they can buy books of their choice from among the 50 book stalls,” he added to say.
Among others present on the occasion included Nitish Bhattacharjee, social worker, Dhinendra Narayan Biswas, former president, Dipak Sengupta, joint-president, Gautam Prasad Dutta, general secretary, Paritosh Dey, secretary of Barak Upatakya Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sammelan, Cachar District Committee. (Source: SentinelAssam)

লখিপুরদা সাবদিভিজনেল জুদিসিয়েল মেজিস্ট্রিট অমসুং মুনসেফ কোর্ট হাংদোকখ্রে।

লখিপুরগী মীয়াম্না মতম কুইনদগী খৌরাংনা ঙাইরক্লবা সাবদিভিজনেল জুদিসিয়েল মেজিস্ট্রিট অমসুং মুনসেফ কোর্ট, থাংজা নুমিৎ নভেম্বরগী তাং ১৯দা গৌহাটি হাইকোর্টকী চীফ জস্টিস অজিত সিংনা হাংদোকখ্রে। হৌদৌকপগী থৌরমদা গৌহাটি হাইকোর্টকী জজ্ অনী জস্টিস্ রিশিকেস রোই অমসুং জস্টিস্ সুমন শ্যাম, দিস্ট্রিক সেসন্ জজ্ কাছার কমলেন্দু চৌধুরী, কাছার জিলা বার এসোসিয়েসনগী প্রেসিদেন্ট চুনিলাল ভট্টচার্য, দেপুটি কমিসনার এস ভিশ্বনাথন, সুপারিন্টেন্দেন্ট অফ পুলিস রাকেস রৌসন, শিলচর মিউনিসিপাল বোর্দকী চেয়ারমেন নিহারেন্দ্র নরায়ন ঠাকুর, লখিপুর মিউনিসিপাল বোর্দকী চেয়ারপার্সন রিমি পাল নচিংবা মীওইশিংনা শরুক য়াখি। নৌনা শাবা লখিপুর কমর্সিয়েল কমপ্লেক্সতা কোর্ট অসিগী শংলেন হাংদোকপগী থৌরমসিদা লখিপুরগী এমএলএ শ্রী রাজদীপ গোৱালা মশাগী অচিনবা থবকনা দিল্লিদা লৈখিদুনা শরুক য়াবা ঙমখিদ্রবসু টেলিফোনদা পাউমীশিংদা মহাক্কী হরাও তয়াম্বা ফোঙদোরকখি। নৌনা হাংদোক্লবা কোর্ট অসিগীদমক সাবদিবিজনেল জুদিসিয়েল মেজিস্ট্রেট ওইনা মৃণাল নিউপেন অমসুং জহ্নবী দেবীগী মীং গৌহাটি হাইকোর্টকী চীফ জস্টিস অজিত সিংনা লাউথোক্লমখি।  

Customers' owes continues

Silchar, Nov 18: Customers at all kinds of shops have been forced to pay more for buying items as they are out of small notes. The shopkeepers have found a way out to earn more and charge more than stipulated rates. On receiving such reports, J R Lalsim, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Cachar and In-charge SDO (Civil), Lakhipur, directed Dilip Kumar Roy, in-charge, inspector, Food and Civil Supply and sub-inspector Jamini Kanti Doloi, Food and Civil Supply, of Lakhipur, to probe into the matter. Upon visiting a number of shops at Pailapool, Fulertool and Binnakandie, they found that there no rate lists are there and sternly asked them to do so immediately. They also cautioned the shop owners that they would be punished severely according to the provisions under the Supply Act if no rate lists were there. (Source: SentinelAssam)

Train services resumed

SILCHAR, Nov 18: In view of withdrawal of tail blockade in Lumding-Badarpur hill section of Lumding division on Thursday, the NF Railway authorities have decided to run one pair of special trains from Silchar to Guwahati and Guwahati to Silchar. As per the decision, one passenger special train left Silchar on Thursday and one passenger special train from Guwahati on Friday with same stoppages of Silchar-Guwahati fast passenger train. (Source: SentinelAssam)