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Freshers' Meet ventilates issues of Manipuri community

Silchar, Sept 24: “The various issues of the Manipuri community as raised in the memorandum will be taken up for discussion with Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and I shall make every effort to see that these are resolved”, pointed out Dilip Kumar Paul, Deputy Speaker, while addressing the assembly on the occasion of annual Freshers’ Meet – 2016 of All Assam Manipuri Students’ Union (AAMSU) held in the auditorium of District Library here today. He added to say the Chief Minister has been sieged with the problems of different minority communities and trying to evolve a strategy to address them.
Dilip Kumar Paul has high praise for the young talented boys and girls who have shown their brilliance in games and sports not only at the regional but also at the national and international levels. “My compliments are for the youths who have at the same time displayed their bravery by joining Indian armed forces in numbers and many have sacrificed their lives for the sake of motherland. Quite appreciable is the fact that instead of depending upon government jobs, they explore their own avenues through skill development,” he pointed out.
It has been outlined in the memorandum by P Nilkanta Singha, president, AAMSU central, that though the Manipuri community has a high rate of literacy, the job opportunity for the educated youths is limited. The problem of unemployment among the uneducated people has shown a rising trend. As the Manipuri community has been given the OBC category, employment is a challenge before them. The demand of the Union is to take initiative to resolve the problem. Inclusion of Manipuri language in the APSC examination as an optional subject / paper will be in the larger interest of the community.
The memorandum emphasizes on fulfilling the vacant posts in the Manipuri medium in lower primary, upper primary and high schools which need immediate attention. It is also a matter of concern that in most of the Manipuri medium schools, non Manipuri teachers without any knowledge of Manipuri language are appointed. This has created a lot of difficulties in teaching and learning. This kind of anomaly has to be sorted out without any glitz. Sportsmen and athletes have brought name and fame to the country. In contrast, quite regrettable their socio-economic condition merits consideration for uplift.
It is also painful as pointed out in the memorandum that Manipuri players who represented Assam and the country in the national and international arena have been deprived of employment and other facilities as expected. It deserves to be given its due and serious thought for rightful action. AAMSU and Meira Paibi have jointly planned a common office building on 1 bigha donated land near Madhura bridge by the side of Mahasadak, 3 km from this town. Out of the estimated cost of Rs.30 lakh for the proposed 4 storied building, Kabindra Purkayastha, former union minister, sanctioned Rs.5 lakh along with their collection of Rs.7 lakh from the community people and started the work.
Continuing P Nilkanta Singha said the ground floor has been completed but the building remains incomplete. The Deputy Speaker has been urged upon to arrange financial assistance to help them complete the building. Joining the clamour for reconstitution of Manipuri Development Council (MDC), AAMSU has also strongly pleaded for it in order to ensure it becomes a representative forum of the Manipuri community. Dilip Kumar Paul has assured his best of efforts to address the issues raised.
Apart from all about the memorandum, Prof. O Churamani Singha, former principal of Gurucharan College, and Mohan Singha, former president, Kolkata Manipuri Students’ Union, who graced the freshers’ meet extended their good wishes to the students of different educational institutions for their academic pursuit and bright career. Guests of honour who included Babu Singha, S Kamala Kanta Singha, K Kamdev Singha, and Pushpasati Singha, AAMSU activists in different capacities also addressed the freshers. It is to be noted that AAMSU started its journey in 1978 from this town and presently it has units in 14 districts of the state. (Source: SentinelAssam)

Manipuri Diaspora pleads for Manipuri language teacher

SILCHAR, Sept 22: Manipuri Diaspora, Assam, an apex body of Manipuri community, in their memorandum submitted to Education minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma during his recent visit to this town, reiterated the demand for attaching the Manipuri language teacher post in non Assamese ME and high schools across the state. The two member delegation led by Dr. M Santi Kumar Singha, general secretary, and L Tezomani Singha, president, of the organization which met him brought to his notice the in most of the Bengali medium ME and high schools of Barak Valley exists the post of Manipuri language teacher.
As a normal practice, the managing committees of most of the venture schools of Barak Valley appointed Manipuri language teacher post which was subsequently recognized by the competent authority. But, due to the imposition of the Assam Venture Educational Institution Provincialization of Services Act of 2012, all the Manipuri language teachers serving for a long time in those schools with high hope were dejected as their posts were done away with. In fact, they were working with the hope that one day their services would be provincialized. These Manipuri language teachers are virtually now left in a lurch.
The posts have been discontinued from the staff pattern as planned in the said Act. This has deprived the Manipuri language teachers of the benefits of their services and also from being provincialized much to their disappointment. Manipuri Diaspora feels the only way to accommodate these teachers is to append the Manipuri language teacher posts through an amendment of the said Act. It has also demanded that the TET qualified candidates in Manipuri medium should be allowed to apply not only for medium schools but also for other schools irrespective of the medium being followed.
Along with that, Manipuri Diaspora has also insisted on reconstituting the Manipuri Development Council, a demand that has been raised for quite long time. There has been no positive response from Dispur. With the change of the government led by Sarbananda Sonowal, Manipuri community in general has called for its immediate reconstitution. It needs no mention, pointed out Dr. M Santi Kumar Singha, that after being active before the assembly elections, the Council has almost become a non functional body and is proving to be ineffective. Against this background, a new body will be quite justified to meet the hopes and aspirations of the community. Manipuri community is a linguistic minority community which has no representative from Barak Valley in the Assembly or the Parliament. Their legitimate voice is hardly heard and attended to. (Source:SentinelAssam)

Assam Rifles operation against militants continues

SILCHAR, Sept 10: For the past few days, 27 Assam Rifles has been conducting search operations in different urban and rural areas of Lakhipur sub division. Yesterday, with specific information from reliable source that in the jungle infested areas in close proximity to the border of Manipur, Mizoram and Dima Hasao district near Sanbari, a group of militants has took shelter. Assam Rifles rushed to the spot and after locating the militants has asked them to surrender. But, they did not surrender which led the security forces to fire at them.
Sanbari is surrounded by three villages of Alni, Mankhush and Naraindahar partially, while rest is of jungles. Taking the advantage of deep forested area, the militants disappeared. The force, however, conducted hours of search operations, but till the filling of this report no information of arrest or any injury has been found. It is to be recollected, not long ago, the upper and lower reaches of the sub division have been badly affected by militancy, creating an atmosphere of panic among the general people. Assam Rifles suspects the militants may be connected with HPC (D).
It should be mentioned here that there are several instances of extortions and even kidnapping of HPC (D) for ransom. Recent operations being carried on by 27 Assam Rifles is yielding results. Quite recently, after the arrest of a NSCN (IM) cadre with demand notes identified as Ramfanglien Hmar (46) from Jiri-Fulertal area, the force was also successful in taking into custody a HPC (D) cadre Lalhupbel Hmar (26) from Hmarkhawlien.
The disclosures by the cadres in custody and their interrogations have pointed out the movement of underground elements in the sub division in an attempt perhaps to regroup. Being alerted, 27 Assam Rifles is leaving no chances and is on search operation in those areas where it is suspected such elements might have taken shelter. People have been also alerted to keep watch on the movement of any unknown persons and extend their helping hand to Assam Rifles. (Source:SentinelAssam)

Manipuri diaspora discusses academic matters with CM

SILCHAR, Sept 6: A delegation of Manipuri Diaspora Assam (MDA) consisting of T. M. Singha, president, Dr. M Shanti Kumar Singha, general secretary met Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal in the Circuit House here last night. They discussed various academic and related issues with him and presented a memorandum in this regard. It was pointed out that the Manipuri Development Council (MDC) has already completed its 5 year tenure. All the other Councils of Barak Valley in particular have been reconstituted with the induction of new members. It is surprising that the MDC remains unchanged, much to the dissatisfaction of the Manipuri community.
As the demand for its reconstitution is gaining ground and momentum, it is desirable that the body should be reconstituted in order to meet the hopes and aspirations of the Manipuri community.
It was their firm conviction and confidence that the Chief Minister would take necessary steps for reconstitution. The scrapping of the Manipuri language teacher post from the staff pattern as envisioned in The Assam Venture Educational Institutions Provincialization of Services Bill – 2011 (Amended – 2012), has created serious academic problems, hampering education of the Manipuri boys and girls in their mother tongue.
Another fall out of the scrapping is that Manipuri language teachers who have been working since the establishment of those venture schools are deprived of provincialization of their services in the wake of the recent school provincialization process.
It was stated in the representation that around 80 Manipuri language teachers and a large number of students of the community came to be deprived of their fundamental right to teach and learn in their mother tongue. This is absolutely against the declared right to education policy. The Chief Minister has been impressed upon to look at the pros and cons of the issue raised. He has been urged upon to append one Manipuri language teacher post in the staff pattern as specified earlier.
Dr. M. Santi Kumar Singha said Manipuri is a linguistic minority community of Assam which is scattered in 13 districts of the state. Their demands and grievances are never properly aired and heard for redressal. The community has to suffer because there is no representation in the Assembly. Moreover, the community pinned lot of hope in the MDC but it has been belied for it has become almost a defunct body.
In the circumstances, Manipuri Diaspora has no alternative than to approach the Chief Minister for extending his kind help to address the grievances raised before him. He has also been urged upon to include Manipuri speaking persons in different boards and councils under the Government of Assam. Singha after leading the delegation and apprising the Chief Minister of their demands expressed his hopefulness about positive outcome. (Source: SentinelAssam)