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Erosion threat: Lakhipur residents take out protest rally

SILCHAR, July 23: Owing to the mass soil erosion, the residents of PWD road of Singerband Part V, Lakhipur took out a peace rally from Barak bridge on Friday. In addition to this, residents of that area have submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through SDO (Civil) Lakhipur, Cachar, for immediate repair work of erosion affected road on the same day. The memorandum, received by Pradip Kumar Gupta, circle officer, Lakhipur, speaks volumes about the ill-fated residents of that area. It has been stated that if permanent protective measures are not taken on time, then the number of affected house and families will increase. 40 non-governmental organizations along with the a large number of residents of the area and students of P K College and Singerband High School participated in the rally. Nilbir Singha, principal, P K College, K. Champalal Singha and several others also took part in the peace rally. The rally halted at the office of the SDO (Civil) of Lakhipur.
It has been estimated that lives of 30,000 residents of Katpanpur Rupaibali and Singerband GPs are in danger. Singerband, a village under Singerband Gaon Panchayat under Lakhipur sub-division, is located in the southern side of Barak River, Lakhipur. There is River Bridge that connects Binnakandie Part I to its sub-divisional town. However, during the monsoons, condition of the roads worsens. Due to erosion, the connecting road is being cut-off and as such, people of surrounding villages are facing troubles. Students are unable to attend their classes properly. In addition to this, patients, pregnant women and aged persons are also suffering immensely from this grave problem. Office goers and daily wageworkers are also unable to perform their daily duties. People living in that part (Part V) are worrying about the pathetic condition and status of soil erosion. It can be easily understood that if prompt action is not taken, then the situation may get worse which in turn, will affect more families.
Owing to the mass erosion that stretches up to 1000 meters of length, more than 100 numbers of dwelling houses have already been eroded. Some of the houses are hanging and thousands of Bighas of land have been eroded which in turn, have made many families homeless and landless. It has been informed by the people that they have intimated the matter to S Viswanathan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Cachar and they are satisfied with his prompt action. The Deputy Commissioner immediately sent an engineer of Water Resources Department who, met the people and discussed the issue at length. A number of bamboos were purchased and a temporary protection has been provided to stop further landslide.
The residents of Singerband have urged upon the Prime Minister to direct the departments and authorities concerned to repair the erosion affected PWD road and provide protective measures for permanent settlement to stop further erosion of road and dwelling houses standing at Singerband Part V under Lakhipur sub-division, Cachar. A copy of the memorandum has been sent to the Union Ministers of Water Resources and River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation and Rural Development, Road Transports and Highways and Panchayati Raj, all headquartered at New Delhi. (Source:SentinelAssam)

Silchar youths' body demands transfer of Cachar DEEO

SILCHAR, July 23: A people’s convention convened by Youths Against Social Evils (YASE) here on Friday, decided unanimously to raise voice and carry out campaign against corrupt practices of DEEO Cachar Haren Hazarika and his ‘continuous and intentional harassment of teachers’ of the district which has defiled the academic atmosphere and culture. Speakers at the convention representing the wider spectrum of society were highly critical of the method of work and functioning of the DEEO.
Advocate Soumitra Nath expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior and attitude of Hazarika and said he needed to correct his ways in the larger interest of teachers and students. Haridas Dutta, leading citizen, described the style of his functioning as most unfortunate and disappointing unexpected of a responsible educational officer. Lions Arindam Bhattacharya, social activist Sadhan Purkayastha, journalist Pijush Das and Ranjana Begum Laskar, also a social activist, were of the opinion that the DEEO should be transferred to any other district without any delay. Sanjeev Roy, president of YASE, led the discussion at the convention by his pointed speech and paving the way for articulation of views by a host of speakers.
For all his acts of omissions and commissions, he ought to be suspended in order to make him understand that he would have to mend his ways after he was transferred from here. It was also decided to carry forward the campaign and movement until Haren Hazarika was transferred under the banner of YASE. Not long ago, it was YASE which raised voice against the activities of the DEEO, alleging his involvement in questionable practices within his department without having any regard to the responsible post held by him.
His authoritarian way has created problems for the managing committees of various LP and ME schools and thereby for the teachers. He has even served show cause notices to the heads of various educational institutions without any convincing and valid ground. Even the attention of the Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has been drawn. Highly enraged LP teachers staged protest demonstration against him before his office on May 2 last. It was on July 16 last, the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar issued a show cause notice to the DEEO for disrespecting Additional Deputy Commissioner, in-charge-education, and also for being negligent in the discharge of his duties and responsibility.
The DEEO was also put under suspension for his wrong doings by the Deputy Director of Secondary Education, Assam, it was quoted by YASE. When the newly installed government formed under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal has committed itself to provide transparent and accountable administration, the expectations at the convention are for the removal of an irresponsible education officer. (Source:SentinelAssam)

Lakhipur NGO's missive to Parimal Shuklabaidya on their grievances

SILCHAR, July 21: Lakhipur Anchalik Unnayan Sangstha, a conglomeration of various NGOs, different castes and communities, has expressed its gratefulness to Parimal Shuklabaidya, Minister of PWD, Excise and Fisheries, for initiating necessary steps to resolve the long pending demands of the people of the sub division. It has at the same time deplored the attitude of the then PWD and Urban Development Minister Ajanta Neog and Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi for ignoring their repeated representations to them for addressing their grievances.
The Government of Assam led by Hiteswar Saikai declared Lakhipur as sub division along with Bokakhat and Nazira in 1992, respecting the people’s demand. But, while Bokakhat and Nazira were upgraded as sub division with all the infrastructure, quite unfortunate, Lakhipur sub division is yet to get a full-fledged shape. The repeated appeals of the NGOs, social bodies and even political entities to the authorities concerned have fallen flat. Most of the offices required for a sub division are yet to come up here. Some of the offices, as a token of upgradation, are running in rented buildings without any proper infrastructure and other facilities.
As assured, Parimal Shuklabaidya has been impressed upon to see that the offices of treasury, sub divisional court, PWD, irrigation, agriculture among others could be set up expeditiously and let the sub division become a reality. Still unfortunate, the sub divisional health services are being carried on through primary health centre (PHC) which lacks basic and minimum medical facilities. It is most ridiculous that a six bed PHC with a lone physician caters to the medical needs of a large population. The demand is for a 100 bed hospital with sufficient medical and paramedical staff as well as adequate medicines.
Another problem apart from the infrastructure build up for the sub division, Lakhipur located on the bank of hilly and turbulent rivers is faced with the scourges of floods during rainy seasons. The embankments need to be strengthened to prevent erosions threatening the river bank villages. In the absence of links over the river, people and student community have to cross river Barak through Lakhipur ferry-ghat for office works, market purpose and attending education institutions. For the convenience and safety, it has been demanded that a suspension bridge is constructed to connect Lakhipur town with the other side.
The condition of network of roads in the sub division is so deplorable that movement of vehicular traffic has become almost difficult. Trenches and pools fill the roads, particularly during monsoon. These roads have been identified as Kashipur to Madhura bridge and a part of Chiripool to lower Jiri via Fulertal along NH 37. Besides, road links from Jirighat to Kapakhal via Kadamtola, Baghkhal and Mirpur, Lakhipur to Paloirbond via Saparmoina, Tolengram and Nongphow, Lakhipur to Sibpur, Binnakandie Ghat to Sonai, Binnakandie tea estate to Machkhal Khasia Punji and Binnakandie tea estate to Motinagar via Chengjur, Boali and Didarkhush.
Mention has also to be made of the roads in need of immediate attention and repair are Pailapool to Kumacherra and Paloirbond to Udharbond among others. A report found through RTI has brought out the most stunning fact that Rs.407.55 lakh was sanctioned in 2008-09 for construction of road from Binnakandie tea estate to Motinagar via Chengjur, Boali and Didarkhush, but there has not been any semblance of work on the ground till date. This calls for investigation in order to bring to book the persons involved in siphoning of the huge public fund.
The woes of people of Lakhipur sub division are unending which have only seen during the long Congress regime laying down of one after another foundation stones in the name of public welfare schemes and projects. But, there is no trace of any such projects to mitigate the drinking water, electricity, health and sanitation problems. It is all the more painful that the elected representative from this sub division happened to be Dinesh Prasad Goala, Congress minister holding important portfolios for long 30 years, with little or no service to the suffering people of this area living on the border line with Manipur.
It is with great hopes and expectations that the long suffering people of the sub division now look forward to positive actions from the Sonowal Government. The representation signed by Anil Chandra Das Talukder, president, and E Brajamani Singha, secretary, Lakhipur Anchalik Unnayan Sangstha, was handed over to Parimal Shuklabaidya recently. (Source:SentinelAssam)

রিও ওলিম্পিক্সতা মনিপুরদগী শান্নরোই ৬ না শরুক য়ারুগদবা অসি মনিপুরী জাতিগী চাউথোকচনিঙাইনি।

ব্রাজিলগী রিও-দি-জেনেরো দা লাক্লিবা আগস্টকী ৫ দগী ২১ ফাওবা পাঙথোক্কদৌরিবা রিও ওলিম্পিক্সতা শরুক য়ারুগদবা শান্নরোই ১২১ না শাবা ইন্দিয়াগী তীমদা মনিপুর রাজ্যদগী পুন্না শান্নরোই ৬ না শরুক য়ারুগদবা অসি মনিপুরী জাতিগী ওইনদি য়াম্না চাউথোকচনিঙাই ওইরবা তাঙ্কক অমনি।

ইন্দিয়াগী মহুৎশিন্দুনা শরুক য়ারিবা শান্নরোইশিং অদুদি -
আর্চরিদা লাইশ্রম বোম্বেলা,
ৱেট-লিফটিংদা সাইখোম মীরাবাই চনু
হোকিদা শরুক য়ারিবা শান্নরোইশিংদি -
খদাংবম কোথাজিৎ,
কাঙুজম চীংলেনসনা,
থোকচোম অনুরাধা অমসুং
পুখ্রম্বম সুসিলা চনু নি।
হন্দক্কী ইন্দিয়াগী নুপীগী হোকি তিম অসিসু মনিপুরগী শান্নরোই পুখ্রম্বম সুসিলা চনুনা কেপ্তেন ওইনা লুচিংলি।

হন্দক্কী রিও ওলিম্পিক্কী হোকি মশান্নদা মৈতৈ মচা মরি য়াওরে।

রিও ওলিম্পিক ২০১৬ তা শরুক য়ারুগদবা ভারতকী নুপীগী হোকি তিম মৈতৈ নুপীনা লুচিংগদৌরি। হান্নগী ভারতকী কেপ্তেন ওইরম্বা রিতুরানিগী মহুত্তা মনিপুরগী পুখ্রম্বম সুসিলা চনু না কেপ্তেন ওইরগনি। হেন্না নুঙাইরিবদি হন্দক্কী রিও ওলিম্পিক্কী হোকি মশান্নদা মৈতৈ মচা মরি য়াওরে। মখোয়শিং অদুদি খদাংবম কোথাজিৎ, কাঙুজম চীংলেনসনা, থোকচোম অনুরাধা অমসুং পুখ্রম্বম সুসিলা চনু নি।

ভারতকী ওইনা নুপাগী তিমদা য়াওরিবশিংদি-
PR Sreejesh (captain and GK), Harmanpreet Singh (defender), Rupinder Pal Singh (defender), Kothajit Singh (defender), Surendar Kumar (defender), Manpreet Singh (midfielder), Sardar Singh (midfielder), VR Raghunath (defender), SK Uthappa (midfielder), Danish Mujtaba (midfielder), Devender Walmiki (midfielder), SV Sunil (forward and vice-captain), Akashdeep Singh (forward), Chinglensana Singh (midfielder), Ramandeep Singh (forward), Nikkin Thimmaiah (forward).

ভারতকী ওইনা নুপীগী তিমদা য়াওরিবশিংদি-
Women's squad: Savita (GK), Navjot Kaur (midfielder), Deep Grace Ekka (defender), Monika (midfielder), Anuradha Devi (forward), Poonam Rani (forward), Vandana Kataria (forward), Deepika (vice-captain and defender), Namita Toppo (defender), Renuka Yadav (midfielder), Sunita Lakra (defender), Sushila Chanu (captain and defender), Rani Rampal (forward), Preeti Dubey (forward), Lilima Minz (midfielder), Nikki Pradhan (forward).

Himanta Biswa Sarma Regularises the Jobs of 7234 TET Qualified Teachers

The Education Minister of Assam Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma in a press meet held today (June 19, 2016) at the the Conference Hall, Director of Elementary Education at Kahilipara Guwahati declared that a total of 7234 TET qualified candidates would be regularised in 10 districts of Assam. Sarma further stated that the TET qualified candidates will be regularised under vacant posts of teachers in State Government and Provincialised Lower Primary schools in Assam.
He also added that all the appointments of 7234 TET qualified candidates would come into effect on the 27th of June 2016. (Source:

30 killed as bus falls into gorge in Jaintia hills

 Night bus from Silchar to Guwahati skidded off NH 44 near Durga temple at Sonapur into a 250-feet gorge on Tuesday night
Silchar/ Shillong, June 15: At least 30 passengers were killed and five others seriously injured when a night bus fell into a deep gorge in Meghalaya's East Jaintia Hills district last night.
The bus, belonging to Arhans Tours and Travels, was plying from Silchar to Guwahati. According to police source, the bus skidded off NH 44 near the Durga temple at Sonapur and rolled down into a 250-feet gorge at around 10 pm.
Due to absence of electricity in the area, rescue operations could not be carried out promptly and effectively even as a large contingent of police from Umkiang assisted by BSF and the local VDP were pressed into action.
Lethindra Sangma, Additional Superintendent of Police of East Jaintia Hills, said the bus was carrying about 35 passengers. Of them, 30 died on the spot while 5 others, who sustained serious injuries, were rescued. The injured were rushed to Khliehriat Civil Hospital where their condition continues to be critical.
The deep gorge infested with jungles is steep. Rescuers used ropes to get down to the spot where the bus crashed.
According to Spill Thamar, police chief of East Jaintia Hills, the exact cause of accident is yet to be ascertained. He pointed out that rescuers had to risk their lives to climb down to the accident spot. The police chief also said though the area from Lumshnong to Ratacherra is highly accident prone, this is for the first time that a passenger bus fell from near the Durga temple area into the gorge.
When The Sentinel went to Arhans Tours and Travels located at Meherpur near this town for information about the mishap, their office was found locked and the shutters down. Anxious family members and relatives of the passengers have been frantically making attempts since morning to contact the owner and the manager of the operators, but their mobile phones were switched off.
According to local people, this travel agency has only been functioning for the last four months. Nobody in Meherpur area seems to know anything about the travel agency or its owner. In the absence of any information, the names of the passengers of the ill-fated bus could not be collected.
The Tongseng-Sonapur stretch has been witness to a series of fatal accidents. On January 26 this year, 11 passengers were killed when a night bus skidded off the highway and fell into a deep gorge at Tongseng village. The causes behind all these tragic accidents were overloading of passengers and goods, inebriated drivers, reckless driving, laxity in vigilance and enforcement of traffic rules, lack of protective measures as well as basic infrastructure for rescue and relief works all along the Sonapur-Tongseng zone. The investigation report on the August 8, 2012 accident at Tongseng by a team of officials of Tripura government headed by the Dholai district magistrate Abhishek Chandra, attributed the mishap to all these factors.
The police and transport departments of Assam and Meghalaya have been blamed for ignoring overloading and allowing drunken drivers at the wheel. If the governments of Assam and Meghalaya are serious about preventing such accidents in future, there should be coordinated moves to conduct surprise checks of vehicles to ensure no overloading of passengers and goods.
Even if the police conduct checks, it is for the sake of bribes only, said an official. The repeated complaints and representations of the Tripura government to the governments of Assam and Meghalaya for remedial measure have fallen on deaf years, the official rued. This brings to the fore the often repeated charge of nexus with transport lobby.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted twice in which he said, "Deeply pained by the loss of lives caused by a bus mishap in Meghalaya's East Jaintia Hills District." He also said, "My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased in this hour of grief." (Source: SentinelAssam)