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November 04, 2011

Barak Bridge in doldrums

SILCHAR, Nov 3: Grahak Suraksha Samiti (GSS) and Cachar Truckers' Association (CTA) while expressing their serious concern over the deplorable condition of Sadarghat Bridge over river Barak and the restrictions imposed by the district administration over the plying of heavy vehicles have slammed the political leaders of this valley for their lack of any coordinated efforts to address hereto the problems of the region and their solutions. In fact, for thatthe last several months, there have been public agitations from time to time, demanding effective steps for its repair and maintenance. But, the state government and its PWD wing here has taken little note of the problem that has now assumed serious proportion.
Addressing a joint press meet heretoday, Biplob Kumar Goswami, general secretary of GSS, said with restrictions on the plying of heavy vehicles through this bridge that links Udharbond, Lakhipur and Borkhola areas, its impact can wellbe realized. Supply of essential commodities to these areas wouldbe badly affected, pushing up the prices further, telling upon life of common people. He added to say even the condition of Jatinga bridge is not the of not giving rise to the by the end of good and localpeople themselves have come forward and objecting to the plying of heavy vehicles through it, fearing its collapse.
According to the information as shared by both GSS and CTA, of the 18 bearings of Sadarghat Bridge, 13 are out of order, besides it has developed serious mechanical andtechnical snags. The bridge has lost its sustaining strength and thepossibility of a major disaster can hardly be ruled out, experts say. Jatinga Bridge serves as an alternative access to Lakhipur subdivision as well as Udharbond and Borkhola blocks notwithstanding the long detour.
GSS and CTA have at the same timecriticized the state government forits step motherly attitude towardsthe people of Barak Valley. Both these bodies have called upon Dispur to take immediate steps forthe construction of another bridge, parallel to the existing onein order to ensure safe and secure movement of vehicles and supply of essential and other goods. They have also demanded activating the ferry services at Madhura and Jirighat for maintaining the communication links. (Sentinelassam)

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