Tragic Incident in Lakhipur Tractortilla: Three Lives Lost in Well Due to Oxygen Deprivation

Lakhipuronline Digital Desk - A devastating incident unfolded in the serene locality near Fulertal as three individuals lost their lives in a well. The victims, identified as two brothers Monojit Dev and Prasenjit Dev, along with their neighbor Amit Sen, succumbed to a lack of oxygen. The news of this heartbreaking event has cast a shadow of grief over the entire area.

It all began when the residents noticed a strong gas odor emanating from the water in the well. Even more alarming was the discovery of a lifeless chicken. In an attempt to investigate, Monojit and Prasenjit bravely descended into the well on Sunday afternoon to retrieve the deceased bird. However, their concern grew when they returned that evening at 8 o'clock to test the water and found a piece of floating tin.

Monojit ventured to retrieve the object but encountered unexpected difficulties. Worried about his brother's well-being, Prasenjit decided to join him in the rescue mission. Amit Sen, their concerned neighbor, also bravely descended into the well. Unfortunately, once they reached the bottom, they faced severe breathing difficulties, causing panic among the onlookers.

Desperate to help, other neighbors attempted to go down one by one, but they too struggled to breathe and quickly resurfaced. The news of the dire situation reached the authorities, prompting the prompt response of the police, SDRF and fire brigade. With the aid of oxygen, the rescue teams worked tirelessly to bring the three victims to safety.

Tragically, despite their heroic efforts, the victims could not be saved, and upon arrival at the medical college, the doctors pronounced them deceased. Local residents revealed that the family had resided in the house with the well for over twelve decades and regularly maintained it without any previous complications.

The entire community now mourns the loss of these three lives and hopes for improved safety measures to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

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