All Assam Manipuri Students' Union Urges Assam Chief Minister for Inclusion of Manipuri language as Official Language

LAKHIPURONLINE, 12 February 2024 : A delegation from the All Assam Manipuri Students' Union (AAMSU) recently met with Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to discuss the inclusion of Meeteilon (Manipuri language) as one of the official languages of the Assam state. The meeting, held on February 12, 2024, focused on the substantial proportionate population of Manipuri speakers in the state.

Led by AAMSU president Ngasepam Sanahal, the team consisted of Ashangbam Swapan, General Secretary of AAMSU-Central Committee, Mutum Thoiba, President of AAMSU-Lakhipur District Committee, and former AAMSU Leishungbam Inga Ngamba.

During the meeting, Chief Minister Sarma assured the team that he would look into their request for the inclusion of Meiteilon as an official language. The AAMSU delegation also urged the Chief Minister to construct a G+3 level Manipuri Boys' Hostel with a capacity of over 100 bedding facilities in Silchar. In response, Sarma stated that necessary steps would be taken to address their request.

The AAMSU's efforts to promote the recognition of Meiteilon as an official language and their appeal for improved infrastructure for Manipuri students reflect their commitment to the welfare of the Manipuri community in Assam.

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