14th Asian Dalit Sahitya Conference 2024 Held in Nepal

Lakhipuronline Digital Desk : The Dalit Sahitya Academy Manipur India, in collaboration with Nepal, successfully organized the 14th Asian Dalit Sahitya Conference - 2024. The conference took place on 4th February at the prestigious Nepal Pragya Pratisthan Kamladi in Kathmandu. The event aimed to address the current challenges faced by Dalits in India, Nepal, and abroad.
The conference featured a series of programs including discussions on the issues faced by Dalits, a felicitation program, a poet meet, a cultural exchange program, and the presentation of national and international awards to recognize the outstanding contributions of Dalit workers and eminent scholars. 
Among the recipients of the National and International Awards were several individuals from North East India who were honored for their remarkable work in various fields. The awardees included Sarvan Singh Chheema, a social worker from Kolkata, Dr. Mary Sana Rajkumari, a research scholar from Cachar Assam, Nabam Amzi Tajo, a social activist from Arunachal Pradesh, and Dr. Wangkheimayum Jibankumar Singh, Principal of NG Mani College in Manipur, among others.
The conference was graced by the presence of esteemed personalities, including Shri Rishibabu Pariyar, former member of the Nepal Assembly, Shri Man Prasad Shrestha, Convenor of the Nepal India Dalit Friendship Organisation in Kathmandu, and Dr. Yumnam Mahendrakumar Singh, National Secretary of the Bharatiya Dalit Sahitya Academy in India, and Convenor of the Global Corona Warrior Award Committee in India. Additionally, Pisgahbuan Gonmei, the Country Coordinator of the Dalit Sahitya Academy in Thailand, also attended the event as a special guest.

Dr. Mary Sana Rajmukari delivered a powerful speech about the Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and his mission. The conference witnessed the participation of 86 delegates from various Asian countries, contributing to meaningful discussions and promoting solidarity among Dalit communities across the continent.

The 14th Asian Dalit Sahitya Conference - 2024 served as a platform for intellectuals, activists, and artists to come together, share their experiences, and work towards creating a more inclusive society that upholds the rights and dignity of Dalits.

Dr. Y. Mahendrakumar Singh, National Secretary of the Dalit Sahitya Academy, expressed his gratitude to all the participants and organizers for making the conference a resounding success. The event concluded with a renewed commitment to continue the fight against discrimination and empower Dalits through literature, art, and social activism.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Y. Mahendrakumar Singh
National Secretary
Dalit Sahitya Academy Manipur India

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