Barak Democratic Front Takes Bold Stand: Hoardings Demand Separation as Public Opinion Mobilizes

Lakhipuronline Digital Desk: In a significant move, the Barak Democratic Front (BDF) has intensified its call for the separation of Barak, as public opinion gains momentum. Chief Convener Pradeep Dutta Roy, addressing journalists in Silchar, highlighted the government's reluctance to address Barak's grievances, emphasizing the need for a separate identity. Hoardings strategically placed across Silchar city serve as the initial step in mobilizing public sentiment.

Roy revealed that despite presenting memorandums to the President, Prime Minister, and Union Minister of State detailing the neglect and discrimination towards Barak, there has been no positive response from the central government. Expressing frustration, he announced plans for a larger movement if the government fails to acknowledge the demands.

The BDF Chief Convener cited issues such as incomplete NRC work, political rights reduction through delimitation, economic exploitation, and linguistic aggression. He urged the state and central governments to address these concerns, emphasizing that the movement aims to secure jobs and establish Barak as a prosperous town in the North East.

Roy disclosed ongoing efforts to publish a booklet highlighting Barak's historical, political, and economic justifications for separation. The BDF plans to distribute five lakh copies during meetings across Barak, accompanied by public conventions in three districts. Roy emphasized grassroots-level democratic movement, acknowledging potential obstacles from the government and self-interested circles.

Convener Hrishikesh Dey, in a press release on behalf of BDF, reiterated the organization's commitment to realizing the dream of Barak's separation and called for active participation from the people of Barak in future programs.

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