Assam Institute of Nursing and Shifa Institute of Pharmacy Unite to Celebrate World AIDS Day

Lakhipuronline Digital Desk : Silchar Meherpur witnessed a successful collaboration between the Assam Institute of Nursing and the Shifa Institute of Pharmacy as they joined hands to raise awareness on World AIDS Day. On Friday, 1st December, the institutes organized a series of programs aimed at educating and engaging the community in the fight against AIDS.

The highlight of the event was an AIDS awareness drive that commenced from Silchar Meherpur institute office. Students from both institutes actively participated in the procession, holding play cards with informative messages. The march spanned across Silchar town, capturing the attention of passersby who joined in support.

During the event, distinguished speakers addressed the crowd on various topics related to the treatment and prevention of AIDS. They emphasized the importance of spreading awareness within society and discussed strategies for curbing the spread of the disease. Chairman of the institute, Mobzil Hussain Brarbhuiya, along with Sharifuz Zaman Laskar, Dr. Pulak Das, and other notable individuals, graced the occasion with their presence.

The collaborative effort between Assam Institute of Nursing and Shifa Institute of Pharmacy showcased the commitment of these institutions towards creating a society that is well-informed about AIDS and its prevention. Through this event, they aimed to highlight the significance of community involvement and collective action to combat the global challenges posed by AIDS.

World AIDS Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to eradicate AIDS and support those affected by the disease. The event organized by these two institutes not only raised awareness but also inspired individuals to join hands in the pursuit of a world free from AIDS.

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