World Meetei Council Strongly Condemns Chinkuki Terrorist Attack on SDPO in Moreh

In a press release issued today, the World Meetei Council (WMC) expressed its strong condemnation of the cowardly attack by Chinkuki terrorists that resulted in the tragic killing of Moreh's Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Chingtham Anand Kumar and the injury of three other police personnel. This incident occurred while they were en route to Moreh, marking a disturbing return to violence after a relatively peaceful month.

The Chinkuki Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), which allegedly support these terrorists, have demanded the removal of state police from Moreh, implying that Moreh is a separate state from Manipur. The WMC refutes this claim, asserting that Moreh has a historical and indigenous population, including Meeteis and various Naga tribes. It highlights that the Nagas were displaced in the 1990s by migrant Chinkukis who infiltrated from Myanmar and established dominance in the area.

The WMC denounces the migrant Chinkukis' attempt to eradicate the Meetei people and highlights the proverb "LOU MAPU YONGNA TANBA," emphasizing the importance of preserving their culture and identity.

The press release questions why the government of Manipur should not deploy state forces in all parts of the state to maintain peace and order, instead of yielding to the demands of migrant groups. It references statements made by Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah in parliament and by Central intelligence agencies, stating that terrorists from across the border are waging war against India.

The WMC calls on the State Chief Minister and the Union Home Minister to take action against these terrorists. It also questions the role of the Assam Rifles, which has remained seemingly passive in the region, and whether their inaction implies support for Chinkuki terrorists.

The press release concludes by demanding an explanation from Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, who oversees the Assam Rifles, in response to the concerns of the people of Manipur. It expresses deep condolences to the bereaved family of SDPO Chingtham Anand Kumar and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured police officers.

Yambem Arun Meetei, Secretary General of the CEC - World Meetei Council, issued this strongly-worded statement condemning the violence and raising critical questions about security and the protection of indigenous communities in the region.

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