Manipur Chief Minister Biren Extols Publication of Bilingual Edition of Indian Constitution in Meetei Mayek Script

A Game-Changer for Constitutional Access in Manipur
In an encouraging message, Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren expressed his delight and support for the upcoming publication of a bilingual edition (English-Manipuri) of the Constitution of India in the Manipuri Meetei Mayek Script. This landmark initiative undertaken by the Law and Legislative Affairs Department of the Government of Manipur is set to revolutionize the accessibility of fundamental laws in the state.

The Constitution of India, as Chief Minister Biren emphasized, forms the cornerstone of our nation's legal framework. It enshrines the fundamental rights, directive principles, and fundamental duties of Indian citizens, and serves as a comprehensive guide to the functioning of government institutions. However, the language barrier has often hindered a deeper understanding of its provisions among the common people.

Acknowledging this disconnect, the Government of Manipur, under the leadership of Chief Minister Biren, has taken a monumental step forward by bringing forth a bilingual edition of the Constitution. This edition will be available in both English and Manipuri, specifically in the Manipuri Meetei Mayek Script, effectively breaking down language barriers and empowering the people of Manipur with clear comprehension of their constitutional rights and obligations.

Chief Minister Biren emphasized the significance of this publication, which not only promotes inclusivity but also highlights the rich cultural heritage of Manipur. The long-awaited diglot edition, incorporating the latest amendments up to the 105th Amendment, truly represents a paradigm shift in constitutional accessibility for the people of Manipur.

In his message, Chief Minister Biren expressed his unequivocal support and optimism, hailing this initiative as a game-changer in the history of Manipur. He emphasized that the bilingual edition will serve as an invaluable asset to the entire state, allowing citizens to explore the depths of their constitutional rights in their native language and fostering a deeper sense of identity and belonging.

Chief Minister Biren concluded his message by expressing his utmost confidence in the success of this publication and its far-reaching impact. He affirmed the government's commitment to promoting awareness and understanding of the Constitution, as well as to fostering a more informed and empowered citizenry in Manipur.

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