World Meetei Council Urges UN to Address Conflict in Manipur and Protect Indigenous Rights

In a significant development, the World Meetei Council (WMC) has reached out to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, appealing for immediate action to end the ongoing conflict in Manipur and restore normalcy to the region. WMC Secretary General, Yambem Arun Meetei, informed the Secretary-General through a comprehensive 50-page letter, the details of which are available on the WMC's official website.

The WMC's letter highlights the historical background of the Meetei and Chinkuki communities and presents a detailed account of the conflict that has persisted since May 3, 2023. Crucially, the WMC informed the United Nations about the dissemination of false information by the Chinkuki through various media outlets and social media platforms. The Chinkuki have even submitted misleading memorandums to the United Nations, as well as the governments of Israel, Germany, and Canada.

The situation in Manipur remains highly volatile, with ongoing attacks by Chinkuki militants on Meetei farmers in the foothills. Despite the presence of the Assam Rifles and the Indian army, these attacks, including mortar and gun fire, have disrupted paddy cultivation in the region. This disruption not only threatens the welfare of Meetei people but also poses the risk of a conflict-induced famine.

Both sides of the conflict have been involved in heinous crimes, including the kidnapping and brutal murder of two Meetei students by Chinkuki militants. The subsequent protests by the student community in the Imphal valley on September 26, 2023, were met with excessive force by security forces, resulting in injuries to around 40 students, some with life-changing consequences.

WMC's approach in presenting facts and evidence without rhetoric has impressed upon the United Nations the gravity of the situation. The council has called on the UN to conduct an independent study to verify the facts of the conflict and take immediate action to halt the violence and restore normalcy in Manipur.

Moreover, WMC has urged the United Nations to collaborate closely with the Government of India in safeguarding the rights of Meetei people, the indigenous and aboriginal population of the region, by including them in the Indian Constitution's list of Scheduled Tribes.

Considering the prevalence of false information and violence wreaking havoc on normal life in Manipur, WMC believes that UN intervention is crucial. The organization seeks to counter the dissemination of misinformation, address the root causes of the conflict, and ensure a peaceful and inclusive future for the Meetei community and the entire region.

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