Lakhipur Unites for Better Health: Appeals for 100-Bed Hospital Construction at Existing Block PHC Site

Lakhipuronline Digital Desk : In a joint effort, the United Clubs' Organisation Lakhipur and other leading organizations in the Lakhipur subdivision, including Khaidem Kanta (President, United Clubs' Organisation) and N. Nandamohon Singh (General Secretary, United Clubs' Organisation), have appealed to the District Commissioner of Cachar, Silchar, to ensure the construction of a 100-Bedded Hospital Building on the existing plot of land of Lakhipur Block PHC Hospital, Lakhipur Town, Cachar.

The organizations have cited the urgent need for improved healthcare facilities in the region, emphasizing that the existing Block PHC Hospital is the oldest of its kind in the Lakhipur Sub-Division, established in 1913. With a substantial area of 7.5 bighas, it currently serves as the central medical hub for approximately 3.5 lakh people, directly or indirectly dependent on its services.

Moreover, patients from both banks of the Barak River benefit from the convenient location of the Block PHC, and residents from remote areas such as Naraindar, Alni Grant, Bongkokhal Khasia Punji, Jhakuradhar, Tipaimukh, Chandikhal, Monkush, Sonbari, and various tea estates in the vicinity rely on the medical and health facilities provided by the Lakhipur Block PHC.
The concern raised by the organizations stems from reports suggesting a potential shift in the location of the proposed 100-Bedded Hospital Building. They suspect political motivations behind this relocation, citing limited available land as the reason. However, the organizations firmly advocate for the hospital's construction to remain on the current plot to maintain accessibility for the local population.

They have called on the District Commissioner to consider their genuine demand and work towards implementing the grants necessary for the construction of the 100-Bedded Hospital Building at the existing site. This, they believe, will ensure that proper healthcare access is maintained for the people of the Lakhipur Sub-Division.

The appeal has also been forwarded to key officials, including the Hon'ble Minister for Health, the local MLA, the Joint Director of Health Services, and the Sub-Divisional Medical & Health Officer for their kind information and necessary action.

The fate of this vital healthcare infrastructure now rests in the hands of the concerned authorities as they weigh the plea of the local organizations against the proposed relocation.

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