Manipuri Peoples' Front Urges for Peaceful Dialogue Amid Tensions in Manipur and Mizoram

Guwahati, Assam, July 25, 2023 - The Manipuri Peoples' Front (MPF), Assam, Guwahati, expressed deep concern and condemnation over the recent spate of arsons, violence, and crimes against women in Manipur. The organization has appealed to both the Meetei and Kuki communities to abandon violence and seek peaceful solutions to their grievances.

The MPF's statement comes in the wake of an unsettling incident in Manipur on May 3, 2023, where a former militant group in Mizoram, the Peace Accord MNF Returnees Association (PAMRA), issued a controversial "leave notice" to the Meetei community living in Mizoram. This development has raised alarm and fear among the Meetei population, prompting some groups to insist on the demand while others, including the Government of Mizoram and the Young Mizo Association (YMA), have appealed to them not to leave the state.

Addressing the issue, YENĞKHOM Upendra, President, and LEISUNGBAM INGA NGAMBA, Secretary General of the MPF, have emphasized the gravity of the situation. The MPF firmly believes that violent retaliation is not the answer to this complex problem and could only exacerbate the existing tensions.

In a statement released to the press, the MPF appealed to the Government of Mizoram and the Young Mizo Association to handle the matter with responsibility and ensure the safety and security of the Meetei community residing in Mizoram. The organization urged both sides to engage in a constructive dialogue to find a peaceful resolution, emphasizing that violence would only result in the destruction of lives and properties.

The Manipuri Peoples' Front, Assam, known for promoting peace and harmony, emphasized its commitment to maintaining a cordial and peaceful atmosphere between Assam and Mizoram. The organization reciprocated the goodwill shown by the Government of Mizoram and the Young Mizo Association (YMA) and called for joint efforts to foster lasting peace between the two states.

The MPF concluded its statement by extending an olive branch to the Mizo People, particularly the Young Mizo Association (YMA), urging them to come forward for a dialogue to bring about peace and normalcy in Manipur.

The situation in Manipur and Mizoram remains tense, and the call for a peaceful resolution from the Manipuri Peoples' Front adds to the growing pressure for an amicable solution to the complex issues in the region.

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