Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore Hosts Silent Peace Prayer for Equality and Dignity, Calls for Disarmament of Militant Groups in Manipur

LAKHIPURONLINE Digital Desk: The Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore (MMAB), organized a Silent Peace Prayer at the Art of Living Centre in Bengaluru on June 17, 2023. The event witnessed the gathering of hundreds of individuals from the Meitei community, who came together to express their unwavering support for equality and dignity, while also offering prayers for those affected by the ongoing violence in Manipur.

The MMAB strongly condemned the prolonged violence and lawlessness prevailing in Manipur, emphasizing the need for lasting peace. The association firmly believes that disarming all militant groups and armed miscreants is a crucial step towards achieving peace and stability in the state.

In their efforts to restore peace and law in Manipur, the MMAB sought the blessings of Sri Sri Ravishankar, the renowned spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living. Gurudev Ravishankar, who is well-informed about the crisis in Manipur and had previously raised the issue of marginalization and differential policies inherited from the British, has advocated for equal rights for every citizen, regardless of their place of residence.

The MMAB also highlighted the importance of preserving the rich indigenous culture and traditions of the Meitei community, which is renowned for contributions such as the Raas Leela and Polo to the world. The association stressed the need to address the issue of illegal immigration to prevent disruptions or demographic shifts that may affect the community.

Acknowledging the efforts of the Art of Living in Manipur, the MMAB mentioned their investments in skill development and the establishment of a free school in the region. Gurudev Ravishankar has actively engaged with militant groups, aiming to integrate them into the mainstream and work towards lasting peace, development, and prosperity in Manipur.

The MMAB also emphasized the importance of addressing grievances through meaningful and civilized dialogue involving all stakeholders. The association believes that the current violence could have been prevented if grievances were properly addressed, underscoring the significance of peaceful resolutions and development for the betterment of Manipur.

As the Meitei community in Bangalore stands in solidarity with their brethren in Manipur, the Silent Peace Prayer served as a poignant reminder of the collective desire for equality, dignity, and lasting peace in the region.

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