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November 28, 2019

Online Selfie Contest for Sangai Festival 2019

Last Date- Nov 30,2019 23:59 PM IST

Sangai Festival, Manipur’s biggest festival organized by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur is celebrated every year in the month of November since 2010. This year, 2019, marks the 10th edition and will be celebrated from 24 November to 30 November. It is a blend of showcases and promotion of various elements of Manipur’s rich culture and heritage to the outside world. During the festival, various programmes and events take place through which the State encourages tourists to come to this beautiful place and indulge themselves in a world of new possibilities in terms of tourism. On the occasion of this mega event, in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur, we are organizing an Online Selfie Contest on the MyGov Manipur portal. The selfie may be of an individual or a group of individuals and must include a caption based on the Sangai Festival 2019.
 CONTEST: Any person who is a citizen of India can participate in the competition. We invite the interested participant(s) to compete in the contest by registering at MyGov Manipur. Take a selfie at any one of the venues of Sangai Festival 2019 with a caption based on the theme “Sangai Festival 2019” and upload it on MyGov Manipur portal.
There will be 3 winners for both the categories, viz. Individual and Group; and will be awarded cash prizes. PRIZES: The prizes will be as follows – INDIVIDUAL SELFIE CONTEST: 1st winner: Rs. 5,000/- 2nd winner: Rs. 3,000/- 3rd winner: Rs. 2,000/- GROUP SELFIE CONTEST: 1st winner: Rs. 5,000/- 2nd winner: Rs. 3,000/- 3rd winner: Rs. 2,000/- Click here to read Terms and Conditions.