If you eat boiled eggs, Then read this once Before it is too late

Friends, if you are a non vegetarian, then obviously you might be eating boiled eggs. Eggs are very beneficial for our health because they contain many nutrients which are essential for our body. Many people eat boiled eggs while as some people like to eat fried ones. However while frying the egg, many nutrients present in it are destroyed.
If you are fond of bodybuilding and want better muscles, you should definitely eat boiled eggs. The white part of the egg, known as Albumen is rich in protein which are body building nutrients. This white part of egg is free from fats and has a very low carbohydrate content (Only about 1%). You might not be aware that this part of egg is used in production of medicines like vaccines which cure influenza.
The yellow part of the egg is known as yolk. This part of the egg is rich in fats and lipids. Since fats and lipids provide energy to our body, eggs are thus best source of energy for our body. The lipids present in eggs are beneficial for hair growth also.
Bioled eggs are a rich source of vitamin supplement. Eggs contain vitamin A, B5, B12, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. These vitamins along with Leutin are essential for our normal body functioning and health of our eyes.
The minerals present in eggs are Calcium and Zinc which help in proper functioning and strength of our bones and teeth. These mineral and vitamins also protect our body from diseases.
Dear friends, as mentioned above eggs are best choice for your body but remember that the yolk of egg has a high content of fat. Eating more eggs can cause fatty liver, belly fat and increase general fat content of your body. Thus rather than giving benefit, eating eggs will prove very harmful for your health. If you want to build your body and avoid fat, then eat only the white part (Albumen) of egg.
Source: owl.opera.com

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