Daughters give liver, kidney to save father's life, house sold off to pay hospital bill

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GUWAHATI: For 54-year-old Debojit Das, an inspector with Assam Police, his new lease of life has come at a heavy price. On Monday doctors at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, successfully transplanted into his body a part of liver from his eldest daughter and a kidney taken from his second daughter. The family’s house at Jorhat has also been sold off to meet hospital expenditure.
Das was admitted at the hospital with liver and kidney failure on March 1 but his family consisting his wife and three daughters had no money for the operation.
“There were no more options…we went to police headquarters and state government but not a single penny of help came. Finally the family decided to sell off the house at Sonali Jayanti for Rs 35 lakh,” Mridu Mrinmoy, a neighbor and das’ eldest daughter Krishnakshi’s childhood friend told TOI from New Delhi.

Krishnakshi, 23, and final year student of engineering at NEHU at Shillong has parted with 60 per cent of her liver while her 19-year-old sister, Prerana, a BPharm student at Chandigarh has donated one of her kidneys to save their father’s life. The third sister is eight years old.
“The three are doing well. The father is under ventilation and the two daughters are in the ICU,” Mridu said. Both Mridu and Prerana’s childhood friend Ashish Goala have been by the family’s side from day one.

“Their relatives have not lent any help and so we could not just abandon this family in great need. We have been with them,” Mridu said.
The doctors have said that Das would have to stay in hospital for three months for complete recovery. The family has so far managed to manage just the amount required for the operation and stay in hospital for 21 days. They would need more money for the remaining two months.

There is also one more concern creeping in now—where will the family head to after the discharge from hospital, because their home no longer exists. “We are hoping for some miracle. We have come this far, we are sure we will be able to cross the bridge,” Mridu said.

Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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