Manipuri Diaspora pleads for Manipuri language teacher

SILCHAR, Sept 22: Manipuri Diaspora, Assam, an apex body of Manipuri community, in their memorandum submitted to Education minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma during his recent visit to this town, reiterated the demand for attaching the Manipuri language teacher post in non Assamese ME and high schools across the state. The two member delegation led by Dr. M Santi Kumar Singha, general secretary, and L Tezomani Singha, president, of the organization which met him brought to his notice the in most of the Bengali medium ME and high schools of Barak Valley exists the post of Manipuri language teacher.
As a normal practice, the managing committees of most of the venture schools of Barak Valley appointed Manipuri language teacher post which was subsequently recognized by the competent authority. But, due to the imposition of the Assam Venture Educational Institution Provincialization of Services Act of 2012, all the Manipuri language teachers serving for a long time in those schools with high hope were dejected as their posts were done away with. In fact, they were working with the hope that one day their services would be provincialized. These Manipuri language teachers are virtually now left in a lurch.
The posts have been discontinued from the staff pattern as planned in the said Act. This has deprived the Manipuri language teachers of the benefits of their services and also from being provincialized much to their disappointment. Manipuri Diaspora feels the only way to accommodate these teachers is to append the Manipuri language teacher posts through an amendment of the said Act. It has also demanded that the TET qualified candidates in Manipuri medium should be allowed to apply not only for medium schools but also for other schools irrespective of the medium being followed.
Along with that, Manipuri Diaspora has also insisted on reconstituting the Manipuri Development Council, a demand that has been raised for quite long time. There has been no positive response from Dispur. With the change of the government led by Sarbananda Sonowal, Manipuri community in general has called for its immediate reconstitution. It needs no mention, pointed out Dr. M Santi Kumar Singha, that after being active before the assembly elections, the Council has almost become a non functional body and is proving to be ineffective. Against this background, a new body will be quite justified to meet the hopes and aspirations of the community. Manipuri community is a linguistic minority community which has no representative from Barak Valley in the Assembly or the Parliament. Their legitimate voice is hardly heard and attended to. (Source:SentinelAssam)

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