Teachers demand provincialization of services

SILCHAR, Mar 2: The teachers and employees serving in Assam venture educational institutions have been demanding for provincialization for a long time. In a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister of Assam and submitted through the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar today, they under the banner of Assam O Pradesikrito Sikshak Karmachari Jouta Mancha (AOPSKJM) have demanded provincialization under Assam Venture Educational Institutions Act of 2011 as amended in 2012-2013. Before submitting the memorandum, teachers and employees together came out with a rally with play cards pinpointing their basic demands.

They have prevailed over the Chief Minister for taking immediate steps for provincialization of services of teachers and employees of the non-provincialized LP, ME, ME madrasa, high school, higher secondary school, pre-senior, senior madrasa, Sanskrit tools, junior and degree colleges of Assam. They reminded that these educational institutions have been included in the Venture Educational Act of 2011.

It has been mentioned that these teachers and employees have been serving in their respective institutions for the last 20 to 30 years and contributed towards the academic build up at the grass root level. For their dedicated services, they have not been paid any salary. It is also a matter of regret that of these, many of the teachers and employees are on the verge of retirement. In return of their long commitment in their respective institutions, they have to remain content with nothing but pocket money collected from the tuition fees of the poor students.

The situation is that in this rising cost of living and high inflation, the teachers and employees have been facing financial hardships and are unable to meet both ends. In the meantime, the state government has decided to regularize the services of 6,600 contractual teachers. Should the teachers and employees of venture schools be deprived and discriminated against, asks Rajmani Singha and Jahirul Alam Mazumder, members of AOPSKJM? Considering the financial difficulties of these teachers and employees, the Mancha has urged upon the Chief Minister to take necessary steps for provincialization of the venture schools with all sympathy so that the provincialization becomes effective in the current financial year. (Source: SentinelAssam)

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