Kanta Singha appointed as chairman of OBC Welfare Board

SILCHAR, Jan 16: Assam Governor Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya has appointed I Kanta Singha and Pradip Kumar Singha as chairman and vice-chairperson respectively of Other Backward Caste (OBC) Welfare Board of Lakhipur recently. A total of 20 members along with the chairman and vice-chairperson were appointed in the Board. The maximum tenure of the Board will be of three years from the date of appointment.
I Kanta Singha is a resident of Binnakandie part-I of Lakhipur subdivision. Speaking to The Sentinel, I Kanta Singha said he would try his level best to help in the uplift of the OBC community by providing them with all the public welfare measures as per the provisions and guidelines of the government. He said he would ensure the implementation and proper utilization of all the sanctioned schemes. He further said that he would ensure that the grants and schemes allocated for the welfare of the community are properly implemented.
Rajdeep Goala, MLA Lakhipur, congratulated the appointed members and expressed his hope that the OBC community will benefit from the welfare schemes under the chairmanship of I Kanta Singha. He said that all the appointed members have a distinguished track record of fighting for the uplift, equality, rights and progress of all the backward sections of the society. He added to say he would cooperate with the Board members wherever possible.
Pulok Jyoti Das and Pintu Lal Roy, president and secretary of Lakhipur town Congress committee, Hazi Hayat Ali, chairman of minority cell, Hareswar Dhubi, chairman of SC board, Rabindra Singha, ward commissioner, people belonging to the OBC community and tea garden community have also expressed their satisfaction over the appointment of I Kanta Singha as the chairman of the Board.  (Source: SentinelAssam)

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