Trains from Silchar to Kolkata, Delhi soon

SILCHAR, Dec 10: After their long standing demand for BG trains and its fulfillment with the inauguration of the first passenger special train from here for Guwahati on November 21, the hopes and aspirations of the people for the introduction of long distance trains to Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai as well as Bengaluru seem to become reality. Of course, Mumbai and Bengaluru for the time being is on hold. According to competent railway sources here, the Railway Board and the NF Railway are to take a decision soon.
In fact, the source says that the proposals of former General Manager of NF Railway, Ranjit Singh Virdi, for extension of Kanchenjenga Express and Janasamparka Kranti Express from here have been under the active consideration of the Railway Ministry. Though, there is no official confirmation, the media has gone agog with information that the Kanchenjenga Express to Sealdah and Janasamparka Kranti Express to New Delhi which originates from Guwahati will start its journey from Silchar. The dates are yet to be confirmed.
The overcrowding and rush of passengers in the newly introduced passenger train have necessitated the introduction of more trains and it is the social responsibility of the Railways to take care of it. But, a decision on long distance trains weighs on many factors which have to be first looked into and solved. Since the long distance trains need proper examination, both technical and mechanical, facilities have to be built up at the originating station. It also requires water filling in the bogies, cleaning of tracks and platforms regularly, besides that of coaches and toilets and the proper disposal of garbage.
No long distance train can run without catering facility for the travelling public. Most important, there is need for marshaling yard where the trains bound for journey have to be parked for proper maintenance. Still important, the pit for examination of carriages under its body has to be put on. Before long distance trains roll on, its timing has to be adjusted with the all India time table. Proper and better infrastructure is important as Silchar station will become a terminal for long distance trains. (Source : SentinelAssam)

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