NRC verification process likely to be delayed in Barak

SILCHAR, Dec 2: The Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, S Viswanathan has directed all the Local Registrar of Citizens Registration (LRCR) and circle officers along with other officials that the procedure for filling up of family tree forms of the ongoing NRC update process in Assam should be completed in the district by December 31. It should be mentioned here that the overall superintendence, direction and control of the updating of National Register of Citizens is vested with the Registrar General of India, who is designated as the Registrar General of Citizens Registration (RGCR) under sub-rule (1) of Rule 15 of Citizenship Rules, 2003.
The Director of Census Operation of the state is acting as the representative of RGI at state level in the capacity of the Director of Citizen Registration under sub rule (2) (b) of Rule 15 of Citizenship Rules, 2003. The preparation of the updated NRC for the state is under the superintendence, direction and control of the Director of Census Operation as the Director of Citizens Registration. The process which began in May/June this year has already been delayed. It is now in its most crucial phase with the door to door verification process going on all over the state.
The verification process which was supposed to be started from September 1 has already been delayed. In many parts of Barak Valley, it has not yet been started. The due date for completion of the verification process is December 31. The publication of the draft NRC is January, 2016 and the publication of final NRC is March, 2016. The verification teams (VT) consisting of LRCR and lat mandals are supposed to verify the particulars submitted by the applicants before deciding upon inclusion of their names in the updated NRC.
The VT shall be held responsible for validating the documents to be submitted by the applicants as proof of their claim to citizenship as well as for field verifications to establish identity of the applicants. The help of the village headman, field level officials (FLOs) and forest officers, in case of forest villages, would be taken by the VT for the purpose under Rule 5 of Citizenship Rules of 2003 that makes it mandatory for every official to assist the government in the process of NRC update. Moreover, the VTs would be empowered to take help of any field level government functionary for work related to field verification.
The final NRC is expected to identify all pre March 25th March 1971 immigrants, along with their descendants in all constituencies of the state. The very objective of the NRC is to exclude all the illegal migrants who are residing in the state illegally and have also enlisted their names in the electoral rolls as Indian citizens. The Supreme Court has earlier rapped the Government of Assam and the Centre to explain in details the mechanism for preparing the NRC.
The Court sought clarifications regarding filling of forms and the authorities responsible for verification of the filled forms. The Apex Court further observed that although the State of Assam has taken some steps in the matter for preparing the concerned National Register for Citizens, there appears to be some gap in the system in the sense that the entire process is not clearly formulated. In the past, the state has claimed that it is a victim of illegal migration from neighbouring countries, particularly from Bangladesh, with which it shares a long international boundary.
A section of political organizations have repeatedly stated that the NRC update is most important for the people of Assam. And verification is the most crucial part of the entire process. Illegal immigrants can only be detected through the verification process. Besides, it has been further alleged that the Tarun Gogoi led Congress state government does not want to update the NRC to protect its vote bank. The very aim of NRC is to detect, detain and deport all illegal migrants who have crossed over to the state from other countries.
According to a report from Lakhipur subdivision of Cachar, T T D Daulagopu, SDO (Civil), P K Gupta, circle officer, and other government officials L Kabung, Dharanidhar Kalita, Dilip Roy, Sudip Sarkar and all GP secretaries are supervising the entire process. Daulagopu and Gupta are visiting NRC seva kendras in the subdivision on a regular basis to check the progress of the ongoing verification process. In the meantime, the Supreme Court of India has made it clear that the NRC has to be correct and the task to update it must be completed as soon as possible. The stress is not on any time frame but on a correct NRC. It is now possible that the entire process of verification might be delayed. (Source: SentinelAssam)

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