ILP row: Citizen groups stress on communal harmony

SILCHAR, Sept 15: Though everything is now quiet in Manipur and the rumblings in the wake of the 3 Bills having been passed by the state Assembly are no more heard, still for the sake of peace and harmony, Barak Upatyaka Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sammelan (BUBSOSS) and different Manipuri organizations in a joint statement have called upon the Ibobi Singh government and the intellectuals of the state to ensure that no further untoward incident of harassment of non Manipuris takes place.
Committee on Culture for Peace and Integrity (Cocpin), Manipuri Diaspora, Assam, and Manipuri Sahitya Parishad have come together with the Bengali literary and cultural body to express their deep concern at the sense of fear and panic among the non Manipuris and the Ibobi Government has been impressed upon to take effective measures for the safety and security of all sections of people. It has been pointed out that despite all the provocations, the traditional bond of friendship and brotherhood between the two communities has to be maintained.
In this respect, the joint statement has emphasized on the crucial role of intellectuals of both sides in order to defuse the tension and instill confidence among people, still sieged with fear. Besides, all have to be conscious so that there is no any baneful effect on the relations of other communities with Manipuris. Along with that, at this critical juncture, in the interest of all, maintenance of good relations is imperative. Any misunderstanding can imperil the sense of understanding and lead to conflict and tension.
Quite recently, all the Bengali and Manipuri organizations sat at an interactive conclave and exchanged their views and thoughts arising in the context of turmoil in the state of Manipur. All those present representing the organizations came to the consensus that all out efforts should continue for normality of situation. In order to preempt any attempts by any vested interests or group to disturb the harmony have to be foiled and for that the saner sections of people of this valley have to be on the frontline.
At the conclave also came up the present economic condition, worst shape of communications, highways and roads, as well as the discriminatory policy of the Assam Government towards this valley in regard to employment of local qualified youths. Gogoi Government was cautioned not to play with the sentiments and feelings of the people of this land locked region. The long pending demand for autonomous economic development council for this valley also was discussed. On this issue, Manipuri organizations reserved their opinion and said they would convey their decision in due course of time.
Those present at the meeting included Nitish Bhattacharjee, president, vice president Shyamal Kanti Deb, former central committee president Subir Kar, representing Barak Upatyaka Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sammelan, president of Cocpin M Kamalakanta Singha, vice president Rajkumar Gopal Singha, secretary K H Ranu Singha, L Tejomani Singha, president, Manipuri Diaspora, Assam, M Shanti Kumar Singha, general secretary, H Rajmani Singha, general secretary, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, and Amal Singha, secretary, among others. (Source:SentinelAssam)

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