ILP: Sangram Committee calls upon Manipuri civil society 'to intervene'

Silchar, August 6: Nagarikatwa Suraksha Sangram Committee (NSSC) Barak Valley expressing its serious concern at the emotionally surcharged situation in Jiribam sub-division of Manipur has called upon the Manipuri civil society of Cachar to intervene in order to defuse the tension and the atmosphere of conflict. Not only the Bengalis but people of other communities have been living in the sub-division for long time and any attempt to disturb their peaceful life and living cannot but have adverse impact.
To make 1951 as cut off date for citizenship, agitation for Inner Line Permit, harassment of the non Manipuris smack of a conspiracy by extremist elements to drive them out. The Committee feels this cannot but take a critical turn in future. In a democratic society, it is not only against all canons of humanity but also the constitutional tenets to subject the people of other communities to intimidation. The Committee is of the opinion that it is only through mutual understanding and cooperation that all communities irrespective of caste and creed can work together and contribute towards the socio-economic development of the place.
The Sangram Committee at the same time points out that a large number of Manipuris have been living in this southern part of Assam for years. They have been assimilated with the cultural and social life of this region. Their contributions towards the overall development of this valley are no less important. It is also important to remember that there are Bengalis and others who have been engaged in trade and commerce as well as sundry business and contributing in their own way towards the development of the sub-division.
The people, both Manipuris and non Manipuris of Jiribam maintain links with Barak Valley and have exchange of business interests. Not only that for their health, education as well as different business matters, they are dependent upon each other. The Sangram Committee has described the attempts by the extremist elements of Jiribam to cause tension and conflict as fraught with serious consequences. The sensible and saner elements on both sides should come together to foil the sinister design of the vested interests for the sake of peace, harmony and integrity. (Source: SentinelAssam)

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