Govt agrees on all demands of JCILPS, to urge Gov to summon Assembly session at the earliest

IMPHAL, August 26: The State government and the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System have reached an agreement on the issue of ILPS today following a marathon meeting which started around 4pm and continued well past the midnight.
The announcement was made by the Chief Minister before media persons called after the meeting concluded inside the CM’s bungalow.
The government will also meet the Governor tomorrow and urge him to call an Assembly session at the earliest, the Chief Minister informed.
According to a statement provided to media persons following the successful meeting, “The Government of Manipur and leaders of the JCILPS had agreed on the actions of the Government to enact three laws for which the following bills shall be passed in the Manipur Legislative Assembly (i) the Protection of Manipur Peoples Bill, 2015, (ii) The Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms (Seventh amendment) Bill, 2015, and (iii) The Manipur Shop and Establishments (Second Amendment) Bill, 2015.”
“The government had also agreed to incorporate all the five point demands of the JCILPS placed before the Government while passing the bills.”
It also said that the Government of Manipur shall associate the experts selected by Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System while framing the rules of the Protection of Manipur Peoples Bill, 2015.
That the government of Manipur shall constitute a Manipur State Population Commission to assess the problems and issues of demographic imbalance and other related matters so as to take up measures towards social harmony and peaceful development, it said.
It was also agreed upon that a white paper on population influx shall also be brought out by the State Government within one year and that the State government shall also constitute a Manipur State Land Reforms Commission to undertake a review of the situation arising out of complexities related to land, resources and populations dynamics and advice the Government on effective measures on land use policies and help ameliorate inter-community tensions and enhance the respect for democracy and diversity in the State.
It was also arrived at that the State Government shall implement the relevant clauses in the agreement between AMSU and AMSCOC with the government on July 22, 1980 and August 5, 1980 which were also reaffirmed by the then Government on November 9, 1994 on the issues of foreigners as mentioned in the agreement under the Foreigners Act 1946.
It was also agreed that the Government of Manipur shall urge upon the Central Government to enact any other appropriate/necessary Acts and Rules which may be beyond the purview of the State Government for the protection of the Manipur People.
The JCILPS also agreed to the proposed three Bills for introduction in the Manipur Legislative Assembly by the Government, it said. (Source: ImphalFreePress)

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