NRC update: Citizen group submits memo to Amit Shah

SILCHAR, July 14: Adhivakta Parishad, Cachar district unit, in a memorandum addressed to Amit Shah for his information about the complications centering round the NRC update in Assam with particular reference to the Bengali Hindus and other non Assamese communities of the state. Amit Shah is on a day visit to Guwahati today and the memorandum is expected to reach his hand. The issue has become so critical that it is bound to affect the political scenario in the assembly elections of 2016.
The NDA Government led by Narendra Modi has to pay attention to the burning problem and Adhivakta Parishad hopes that the Centre should very seriously deal with the NRC fall out. The modalities, it is apprehended, will render lakhs of bonafide Indian citizens residing Assam for decades as stateless. Adhivakta Parishad since its inception in 2007 has been fighting for the citizenship of the minorities forced to migrate from the present day Bangladesh. They are the victims of civil disturbances and religious persecution in their country of birth, Bangladesh.
The proviso to Section 2 of the Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Act of 1950 and the promises made by the then national leaders should have been given protection to these unfortunate victims of partition and subsequent developments in Bangladesh. Adhivakta Parishad reminds Amit Shah about the assurance given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh as well as he himself about the safety and protection of the minorities of Bangladesh. But unfortunately, till date neither the issue has been placed before the Parliament nor any ordinance issued. Besides, no affidavit has also been filed till date in Civil Writ Petition No.243/2012 before the Supreme Court of India as filed by the two NGOs of Cachar district.
Moreover, Adhivakta Parishad submits that the modalities as well as NRC application forms have already been distributed amongst the residents of Assam and the last date for submission is July 31. It does not contain a single column for the Indian citizens who come from other states. It is said that NRC application forms has been designed and prepared as if it is the ‘Assam Register of Citizens’ and not the ‘National Register of Citizens’.
Further, the copies of NRC 1951 and electoral rolls of all the elections held from 1951 to 1971 are not available with the state government and this has been admitted by the state government in reply to an RTI. Owing to the non availability of NRC 1951 and voters’ lists of 1971, many of the bonafide Indian citizens are unable to produce the relevant documents as sought for in the application form.
Apart from that people of various tribes including teagarden workers of the state who have been residing since the British time are unable to produce any document prior to March 24, 1971. It is therefore very much apprehended that their names may not be included in NRC 2015 of Assam and eventually deprived of their right to vote and finally face the fate of being stateless. Adhivakta Parishad against this backdrop strongly pleads with Amit Shah to have a serious look at the problems cropping up for the minorities, Bengali Hindus, tribals, tea tribes as well as the people from other states of India. The memorandum was signed by Anil Dey, president, and Santanu Naik, general secretary, Adhivakta Parishad, Cachar district unit. (Source:SentinelAssam)

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