Fair price dealers under scanner in Cachar

SILCHAR, July 21: The Lakhipur sub-division has often hit the headlines of the media for rampant and unbridled malpractices in public distribution system (PDS). As reported earlier, huge quantities of APL, BPL and AAY rice as well as kerosene oil have been finding their way to black market. Consumers registered with fair price shops have been deprived of their due rations. Grahak Suraksha Samiti (GSS) of Cachar has carried on sustained campaign against the irregularities and anomalies adopted by the fair price shops.
In focus recently was Binnakandie Cooperative Society for its various acts of manipulations and malpractices in the allotment of consumer items to fair price shops. In some cases, nexus between the cooperative society and fair price shops has also come to light. After the media highlighted these irregularities and anomalies, the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, S Viswanathan, IAS, directed the SDO (Civil) T T D Daulagopu for causing on the spot verifications and subsequent actions against the defaulters under appropriate provisions of Consumer’s Act.
Accordingly, the SDO (Civil) and Superintendent of Food and Civil Supply, Dilip Roy, started verification of the records of the fair price shop dealers. The dealers or agents in turn were advised to adopt fairity and transparency in the supply of consumer items to the card holders. Besides, they have been directed to display the quantity and price of the items available. Even after checks and cross checks of the records by the SDO (Civil) and Superintendent of Food and Civil Supply, strangely some unscrupulous agents continued to flout the standing norms.
Adopting a tough posture, T T D Daulagopu suspended the license of Basanti Goala, fair price shop dealer of Choto Mamda under Binnakandie Cooperative Society. Continuing his tirade against the agents, the SDO (Civil) show-caused 7 fair price shop dealers under Chandrapur Cooperative Society for not maintaining records of daily sales, displaying of stock and price lists. Moreover, on the spot verification these were found closed. These dealers have been identified as S Surendra Singha, Hariprasad Goala, Kutub Uddin, Anwara Hussain, Abdul Latif, Nasir Ali and M Rajkishore Singha. They have been asked to reply to the show-cause notices by July 31 or face further action.
Along with that, Chandrika Prasad Yadav of Badribasti also under Chandrapur Cooperative Society was found to indulge in irregularities. On the spot verification, no display of price list board was found. Moreover, the premises was found to be very unhygienic. His license was suspended. It was on the basis of the report of Superintendent of Food and Civil Supply that the SDO (Civil) was prompted to take actions against the dealers. All the dealers have again been warned not to adopt unfair means which might attract severe punishment under the provisions of Consumer’s Act. They have been directed to lift their allotment of APL, BPL, AAY rice and kerosene oil and supply to the consumers properly. (Source:SentinelAssam)

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