Citizen group hails SC interim judgement 'with reservation'

SILCHAR, July 23: The interim judgement of the Supreme Court of India covering the enlistment of the names of residents of other states, simplification of the modalities for the tea tribe people and formation of the three member committee to look into the complexities of the update process and give importance to the consideration of birth linkage, according to Nagarikatwa Suraksha Sangram Committee (NSSC) of Barak Valley is a victory of the people’s movement.
This judgement, indeed, is a protection of the rights of people who have been groping in darkness and uncertainty due to the intricate process of updating NRC. NSSC at the same time cannot understand the directive to include the names of indigenous or khilinjia or son of the soil without any documents or certificates to establish the credential as citizens. It is according to the Sangram Committee in contravention of the provisions of the Constitution to treat all Indians as equal in the eye of law.
The Sangram Committee also considers the interring judgement not only against the spirit of the Constitution but is also the standing laws of the land. Moreover, the issue of ‘D’ voters has not been yet addressed. Nor has it been forcefully argued before any Court of Law. The civic body has expressed its deep resentment in this regard against the state and the Central Government. The problem of ‘D’ voters involving lakhs of citizens has been hanging fire for years.
Sangram Committee in view of the developments has stressed that those who have no documents as sought for in the modalities, but are bonafide Indian citizens should be enlisted in the NRC update on the basis of the legally approved circumstantial evidence as well as Indian Evidence Act. It is really unfortunate that this important legally accepted provision has not come under the purview of the Supreme Court. Equally unfortunate is the indifferent attitude adopted by the Centre and the State of Assam towards the linguistic and religious minorities when their very existence is at stake.
Calling the often repeated sympathy for the Hindu Bengali refugees by the NDA Government as a mere hoax and cosmetic, Sangram Committee demands that the Centre should have got relevant Act passed in the Parliament for the protection of these unfortunate victims of partition. It has been further exposed because the NDA Government is not going to introduce any Bill during the monsoon session of Parliament on the issue of refugees.
Sangram Committee brought out a public rally with banners and play cards which highlighted how the bonafide Indian citizens are being harassed by branding them as foreigners, serving of notices by police indiscriminately on them in the name of Bangladeshis, harassment of people on mere suspicion. All these should stop. No one will grudge in the event of a Bangladeshi or foreigner intruding into Indian territory is brought on trial with clinching evidence. Witch-hunting in all forms has to stop. (Source:SentinelAssam)

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