Dastar Bandi ceremony held in Al Jamiatul Islamia Madani

SILCHAR, May 26: A prize distribution ceremony was held in the East Gobindapur Al Jamiatul Islamia Madani in Banskandi recently. The programme was presided over by the renowned Islamic intellectual of north east region Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Sayed Gobindapuri. On the occasion a total of 75 students, who were successful in the examinations conducted by the Madrassa, were given certificates along with prizes. A Dastar Bandi (graduation) ceremony was also held for 20 students during the program.
In his speech, Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Sayed Gobindapuri said that education, brotherhood, peace and unity among the masses are the pillars of success in today’s world. People, irrespective of their caste and creed, community and religious beliefs, should work together and stand united for progress and development of the society. He said that Muslim youth should acquaint themselves with professional courses along with Madrassa based religious study to get employed in various service sectors. He also prayed for world peace and prosperity.
The Maulana also said that Islam is essentially a religion of peace and true Muslims are peace loving people and killings and atrocities have absolutely no sanction in Islam, nor is there any justification whatsoever in Islam, the noble religion, for taking innocent life. This year around 500 poor and destitute people have been helped by the Madrassa committee in every regard possible. During the programme, the Madrassa report was presented by Khais Makam Mahattim Hafiz Maulana Yayeh. Other distinguished guests who spoke on the occasion include Shaikh Asir Uddin, Muhhaddis Alim Uddin, Muhhaddis Sukkabban Ali along with others. (Source: SentinelAssam)

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