NRC seva kendras in Cachar lacking basic infrastructure

SILCHAR, April 10: In the midst of ongoing controversy over NRC update and all the confusions among common people, seva kendras across the district of Cachar have started functioning to furnish relevant legacy data to the citizens. But, several or most of the seva kendras lack basic infrastructure. This has only brought to the fore the indifferent and callous attitude of the authorities concerned.
The situation as prevailing is that which at a click of the mouse is to come out necessary information about 1966 legacy data of an individual and the voter lists of 1971 in most of the cases fail to provide the desired inputs. On the streets and tea stalls of the urban and rural areas, people in general are heard talking about the difficulties in obtaining the information related to them. The question that impinges in their mind is, what next? The spectre of Bangladeshi continues of haunt those who are genuine Indian citizens.
Seva kendras as declared by the state government is to help the helpless people and provide them the information they seek in respect of legacy data and voter lists. In the absence of infrastructure in the kendras, citizens have to suffer. Till now, there is no sign of improving or installing the basic infrastructure. Nor is there any serious attempt to do so. According to project supervisor Jibanjyoti Kakoti, if this be the indifferent attitude of the state machinery towards NRC update, people will have to grove in the darkness. He however was optimistic problems of citizens would be looked into and solved.
On further enquiry, it has been discovered that there is no printer machine to provide copy of legacy data where it is available. It has further been noticed that the posts of supervisors are yet to be filled up. Local registration officers are yet to join their posts in respective areas. People are seen visiting cyber cafes to browse through the legacy data and voter lists. Sadly enough, both these documents of 1966 and 1971 are often found to be incomplete. (Source: SentinelAssam)


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