Centre has no role in ration subsidy

SILCHAR, December 12: In view of the raging controversy centering round subsidy on ration to tea garden workers, Sanjay Thakur, Vice–President of Assam Cha Morcha of BJP, has clarified, “There is no basis or truth behind the allegation of Congress led unions that the NDA Government has withdrawn the subsidy on ration for tea garden workers.” Dubbing it as tissue of lies, he rather said it was the sole responsibility of the state government to provide subsidized ration to the workers of tea estates.
The centre has no role on the matter. In fact, as Thakur added to say, it was in October last that Pradyut Bordoloi, the minister concerned, had written to the Centre to withdraw subsidy on ration and bring it under Food Security. Seen in this perspective, the wild allegation by Congress and its tea trade unions only exposes their ignorance, inactivity and indifference. It at the same time smacks of their deliberate design to malign the NDA Government.
BJP Cha Morcha leader said Pradyut Bordoloi is the prime mover behind such fabricated allegation and his letter to the Centre speaks volume of it. Having lost enough ground to BJP in the last Lok Sabha polls, Congress and its trade union wings are desperately trying to rake up unfounded issues, he pointed out. Besides, Congress is well aware of its imminent reverses during the ensuing Assembly elections. In order to find a way out, they have taken recourse all sorts of publicity– stint to confuse and confound the issues, knowing fully well it would never succeed.
Thakur slammed Congress MLA Rajdeep Goala of Lakhipur and other leaders of the party for carrying out the baseless campaign, pretending ignorance about the reality of matter. For the present and years of plight of tea garden workers, he squarely blamed Congress and its tea garden bodies. Why was not Plantation Labour Act (PLA) to provide basic amenities and facilities to workers not implemented when Congress was in power for long after Independence, he asked?
BJP Cha Morcha has reiterated that the Central Cabinet has not taken any decision to withdraw subsidy on ration to tea garden workers. Ram Vilas Paswan, Food Minister, in a letter to BJP MPs, Kamakhya Prasad Tasha and Rameswar Teli, has also put the record straight that “no directive has been issued by him or his ministry to do away with subsidy.” Sanjay Thakur, who is also the general secretary of Barak Valley Cha Mazdoor Sangha, has appealed to the tea garden workers in general not to be misled by the false and mischievous propaganda of Congress.
Continuing his tirade, Thakur further blamed Congress and its unions, professing to be the champion of the cause of tea workers, for creating and continuing the wide disparity between the wages of Barak and Brahmaputra Valleys. Moreover, the issues of prudent fund, gratuity, health–care, accommodation, education as well as the problem of retrenched workers are the offshoot of the self–centred and anti labour policies of Congress and its trade union wings. (Source: SentinelAssam)