SL Ratrey, observer, emphasizes peaceful polls

SILCHAR, September 7: In order to ensure free, fair and peaceful polls for Silchar and Lakhipur assembly seats on September 13, the District Magistrate of Cachar has enforced certain prohibitory orders under 144 CrPC. It says nobody can ply two wheelers with more than one pillion rider excepting in the cases of old, women and children below the age of 12. Movement of any person with sharp or lethal weapons, lathi or dao is strictly prohibited. Use of crackers and bombs causing high decibel sounds, carrying of chemicals toy guns and pistols as well as use of microphones on the day of polling are also banned. Vehicles with coloured or tilted glass cannot ply.
Temporary offices of political parties cannot be set up at any private or public places, religious and educational institutions on the day of voting. Party flags, banners or photographs should not be more than the size of 4X8 feet. Besides, temporary offices of political parties have to be away from 200 metres of the polling booths.
It is to be noted that SL Ratrey, Observer for the elections in Cachar, has reviewed at a meeting presided over by Gokul Mohan Hazarika, the Deputy Commissioner and the returning officer, the poll preparations and laid stress on the implementation of ‘model code of conduct’ strictly, use of vehicles, transportation to and fro polling booths among others.
At this meeting were present representatives of different political parties who were briefed about the use of vehicles for campaign strictly within the guidelines of ‘model code of conduct.’ The help and coordination of political parties has been sought for peaceful polls. SL Ratrey in the meantime visited the polling booths for Silchar and Lakhipur assembly constituencies to make it sure that the voters have no difficulty in exercising their franchise. It is to be mentioned that Cachar administration earned wide appreciation for conducting free, fair and peaceful polls during the last Parliamentary elections. (SentinelAssam)