4,000 residents of Singerband threatened by Barak erosion

SILCHAR, September 22: As reported from time to time about the threats posed by erosion caused by Barak river across the valley to human habitations, road communication and agriculture, no action or plan for protection is taken up by the Water Resource Department concerned. Rather, the magnitude and dimension of erosions continue to rise. In the latest instance, around 4,000 population of Singerband under Lakhipur sub division have come under the darkening shadow of continuing erosion of Barak river.
The residents of the cluster of houses around Singerband said that quite recently the main PWD Road has been badly damaged due to the erosion in the rains continuing for days. The river that meanders along the village is swollen and in high spate. If the river continues to rise, there will be no trace of the road and the entire cluster of houses will come under water, forcing the residents to desert their hearths and homes. It has been alleged by the people of the area that though, according to their information, Rs. 15 crore to Rs. 20 crore was sanctioned for protection work, the Water Resource Department has not taken any action.
The condition of the road that links Binnakandie Ghat point on the other side of Lakhipur divided by Barak with Singerband, Rupaibali, Kaptanpur and Sonai is going from bad to worse and it is feared that not in very distant future, it will be no more in existence. Presently, around 500 metres of the road has come under erosion and it is taking in its grip the vast stretches. Residents of Singerband have to keep their vehicles in garages. The poor families close to the river bank are in critical trouble. K Mohan Singh, K Nando Singh, K Brojen Singh, K Nandarani Devi, K Chandramohan Singh, L Rajkishore Singh, S Angouton Singha, Reshmani Devi among others are in perpetual fear.
The newly elected MLA Rajdeep Goala has visited the area and seen for himself the heavy erosions taking place. He assured the people that he would take up the matter with the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, SDO (Civil) and Water Resource Department for initiating protection works as well as repair of the PWD work. Social workers, L Punshi Singha, Thampalangou Singha, Brajamohan Singh, K Champalal Singha, T Angoubi Singh, S Amuyaima Singha, K Nando Singh of Singerband have cautioned if immediate protection and repair works are not taken up, they might be forced to resort to other methods to voice their issues, affecting their very sustenance and existence. (source: SentinelAssam)