Lakhipur residents for review of ban on passenger vehicles

SILCHAR, July 9: In a memorandum addressed to the Deputy Commissioner
of Cachar, Lakhipur Assembly Youth Congress Committee (LAYCC), on
behalf of the residents of the sub–division, have impressed upon him to review the decision for restricting the entry of vehicles like Cruiser, Sumo and Max into the Silchar municipal area with effect from July 1. It has been
however appreciated that the order for imposing such restriction is in
consistent with the judgement of the High Court. But, the action of the
administration has been described as partisan in restricting the entry of the
passenger vehicles plying on Silchar–Lakhipur route.
The LAYCC has pointed out that these vehicles are the prime medium of
transportation in the areas covering Lakhipur, Pailapool and Fulertal as well
as Hmarkhawlein of the sub–division. With the ban on their entry, the
owners along with their drivers and handymen have gone on indefinite
strike from July 2. As a result of which, commuters, State and Central
government employees, students and businessmen have been badly
Rajdeep Goala, president of LAYCC, who signed the memorandum with
copy to Sub Divisional Officer (Civil), Lakhipur sub–division, has stated that
without making alternative arrangement for the parking of these vehicles,
such a ban is not justified as they have to be placed on private areas in
Rongpur, in the northern fringe of this town, across river Barak. In the
situation, he has requested the Deputy Commissioner for providing
permanent parking for the passenger vehicles on government land. This will
be convenient for the commuters as well.
In the event of failure to make alternative arrangement, the memorandum
pleads for the entry of these vehicles in the town area to be parked on old
Lakhipur bus stand near Cachar College in close proximity to Barak bridge.
This will not cause any traffic jam or create any problem in the flow of
vehicular traffic in the town. Moreover, the old stand is just on the other
side of the river Barak and around 1 km from the new parking zone of
Parking of vehicles in Rongpur area will pose another problem of safety
particularly for women passengers after dusk. Besides, travelling in the
evening and after that will be expensive for common people on Silchar–
Lakhipur route. Auto–rickshaws which take passengers from this side of
river Barak through the bridge to Rongpur demand high charges since city
buses are not operational during that sunset times.
Considering the difficulties, inconveniences and problems of passengers,
male and female, travelling on Silchar–Lakhipur route, Rajdeep Goala has
reiterated review of the decision in the larger interest of the people of the economically backward and communication scarce sub–division. It will at
the same time help the owners of vehicles to call off their strike. (Sentinelassam)

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