Speed up work on Food Security Bill, Lakhipur SDO instructs

SILCHAR, November 15: Nabarun Bhattacharjee, Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) of Lakhipur sub–division has instructed the Block Development Officers of the five development blocks of Binnakandi, Banskandi, Jaipur, Rajabazar and Lakhipur to speed up work on the Food Security Bill in order to ensure its proper implementation throughout the sub–division of Lakhipur. The BDOs on the other hand, intimated all the secretaries of the Zilla Parishads in this regard.
The Food Security Bill promises a lot for the 2.42 lakh people in the sub–division of Lakhipur, a backward region of Cachar, located on the eastern fringe on the border of Manipur. It is a sub–division where various tribes and non tribes as well as tea tribes present a homogenous culture and tradition. Though various centrally sponsored welfare schemes and projects have been implemented in the region, faulty and often corrupt system stands in the way of reaching their benefits to the target groups of people.
Ganesh Choudhury, Superintendent of Food and Civil Supplies department of Lakhipur has appointed two Sub–Inspectors who will investigate whether work on the project is going on properly. The two Sub–Inspectors who have been entrusted with the responsibility are Deepak Kumar Momin and Jamini Kumar Dola.
Reports from sources suggest that progress of work on the Binnakandi development block is going on at a decent pace. Paritosh Kumar Das, BDO of the Binnakandi development block however has issued strict orders to the secretaries of the Zilla Parishads under the Binnakandi block to make to keep up the good work.
A scrutiny committee has also been constituted to ensure the proper implementation of the scheme. The committee consists of Paritosh Kumar Das, BDO of Binnakandi, Deepak Kumar Momin, Inspector, Food and Civil Supplies, Moinabati Ravi Das, the secretary of the Zila Parishads and others. Nabarun Bhattacharjee, Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) of Lakhipur sub–division pointed out that necessary legal action will be taken if anyone is found to be negligent towards one’s duty. (Source: SentinelAssam)