’No dengue death in Cachar’

SILCHAR, October 31: “None of the two deaths reported at Pailapool under Lakhipur constituency in Cachar were due to dengue.” This was revealed by the Joint Director of Health Services of Cachar, Dr BB Bhattacharjee, who said that the verification on the cause of death of the deceased persons who include a five–year–old boy and a 24–year–old lady revealed that they were suffering from other viral fevers and ailments.
He confirmed that the death of Ram Soilu Jaime, a five–year–old boy, was not because of dengue. He said that Ram Soilu Jaime was admitted to Pailapool Emanuel Rural Clinic Hospital (Lamina) in the morning of October 21 and he breathed his last that night. According to him, short term death do not occur in dengue as the fever usually occur 4 to 7 days after someone has been infected.
While throwing light on the other case where a woman of 25–year–old, Merish Rymbai, a resident of Umkiang of Meghalaya, died at Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Bhattacharjee said that it was also not a dengue death and the lady had been suffering from other diseases. Merish Rymbai, wife of Ahel Shylla, reportedly came to Silchar for her treatment.
Dr BB Bhattacharjee said that dengue could only be confirmed through MAC–ELISA test (M antibody–capture enzyme–linked immunosorbent assay) and it is done only in Silchar Medical College and Hospital. He pointed out that in the former case MAC ELISA test was not done. The victim was suspected to be suffering from dengue only after a kit test which indicated positive results. But, Bhattacharjee said that such test result was not reliable. In the latter case, the MAC ELISA test was done at SMCH, but the result was found negative, he claimed.
The Joint Director of Health Services said that “there is absolutely no need to panic.” According to him, several containment measures have been put in place after getting direction from Guwahati prior to Durga Puja.
The Joint Director of Health Services said that his department had informed all the PHC to take preventive measures against the dengue and spread awareness among the people. At Pailapool, after these two incidents, the Health Department conducted mass survey, awareness programme and collected blood samples as part of its preventive measures.
The District Health Department has also carried out fogging operations primarily in Silchar, Sonai, Lakhipur, Borkhola and Udharbond. On being asked about the reasons behind not carrying out of extensive fogging operations, he said that it is very costly and they could not do without the proper directive from Guwahati.
Bhattacharjee said that the most important thing is that the people should avoid storing water in open containers at their houses. The most common breeding grounds as he informed are plastic tea cups, coconut shells, tyres and other containers left in the open that collect rainwater. (Source: SentinelAssam)