Manipuri Diaspora Assam pitches for Rs 30 crore

SILCHAR, October 29: Manipuri Diaspora Assam, Hailakandi district committee, organized a public meeting at Thougal Marup auditorium, in Hailakandi recently. The meeting was presided over by K Nonibabu Singha, president Hailakandi district committee. L Tezomani Singha, president central committee, Manipuri Diaspora Assam, graced the function as a chief–guest. Besides, Babuton Singha, president, Thougal Marup and K Somorendra Singha, vice–president, Manipuri Diaspora Assam, central committee, also graced the dais as distinguished guests.
At the very outset, Naoriya Angausana, secretary Hailakandi district committee, Manipuri Diaspora Assam, delivered introductory speech on the agenda of the meeting. Dr M Santi Kumar Singha, general secretary, Manipuri Diaspora Assam, central committee, W Brajabashi Singha, and others while speaking on the occasion said in an identical manner that not only Manipuri Diaspora Assam, an apex Manipuri organization, but also all the other Manipuri organizations should extend their support to the various demands of the people belonging to Manipuri community of Barak Valley region. For the proper representation of Manipuri candidate in the forthcoming Upper House (Member of Legislative Council), Assam, Manipuri Diaspora Assam should take necessary steps beforehand.
Speakers also reiterated their demand for Rs 30 crore for the developmental scheme for Manipuris out of the Rs 1,000 crore package given to the Barak Valley by the Government of Assam. K Somorendra Singha said that Manipuri Development Council which is the asset of Manipuris of Assam is going on the verge of suspension as many cases are pending on it due to improper functioning of the chairman of this Council. As the intellectuals of Manipuri community are not happy with the motive and functioning of this Council, due to the repeated filing of case in the High Court against this Council and its chairman, there is a fear of suspension of this Council at any moment, he added.
He regretted that they do not want the suspension or dissolution of Council due to the cause of one person. “It is the asset of the community and we should try to change the leadership.” He requested the president of Thougal Marup, Babuton Singha to take an initiative for convening a public meeting to save the Manipuri Development Council for going to be extinct due to the mismanagement and High Court proceedings against the chairman.
L Tezomani Singha said that, Manipuri Diaspora Assam took leading role in demanding the Manipuri Development Council, so, it will keep no stone unturned to save this Council by restoring its normal functioning. If necessary it will organize bigger public convention in association with other organizations to demand for change for leadership of the present Manipuri Development Council to save this Council, he pointed out.
Babuton Singha said that Thougal Marup will support all the positive movement raised by Manipuri Diaspora Assam to save the Manipuri Development Council. At the end, various resolutions were adopted unanimously during the meeting. (Source: SentinelAssam)