Normalcy returns in Silchar

SILCHAR, August 27: After all the heat and dust, passion and frenzy, violence and commotion of the last two days over an incident involving defiling of a place of worship in the Rongpur area of this town, normalcy has returned. In fact, the all party and citizens’ meet convened by the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Gokul Mohan Hazarika, and attended by high police and civil administrative officials as well as media persons, print and electronic, has gone a long way in normalizing the volatile situation. Political parties and their leaders rising above all differences and their appeal to masses not to play into the hands of mischief mongers to communalize the peaceful atmosphere have also eased the tense and emotionally surcharged atmosphere. The restraint shown by the police and paramilitary forces in dealing with the agitated people and calming down the frayed tempers have come in for high appreciation from the civil society. The very presence of Ardhendu Dey, Minister and in charge of Cachar, and the initiative taken by him along with Ajit Singh, Minister, representing the disturbed zone, and their meeting with local people in and around the temple in question have also created a conducive atmosphere for restoration of peace and tranquility. The most positive aspect in this unfortunate and unsavoury incident has been that despite all the provocation from the unidentified group or organization, it has not taken communal turn. People angered and in anguish have not been involved in any group clash. Rather, they have been involved in fighting pitched battles with the security forces. With the return of peace and normalcy, it has been business as usual. Functioning of offices, Central and State, schools and colleges, banks and commercial as well as business establishments has been normal. So has become the movement of all sorts of vehicular traffic. Markets are humming and buzzing with customers and consumers. Train and bus services, short and long distance, are as usual. (SentinelAssam)