Mid–day meal to be checked before serving

SILCHAR, August 11: In view of the tragedy in a rural school of Bihar and the panic caused among the children and their guardians, the district administration of Cachar has issued instructions to all the heads of the institutions across the district to check and verify the mid–day meal before serving them. The school authorities should ensure that the quality of food is good and fit for consumption by children. For that, they have to test it first.
The directive has also been issued to maintain cleanliness and neatness in and around the school premises and particularly the cooking sheds and that the cooks should also maintain hygienic condition. This is to make it sure that there are no substances or contents in the meal that might be harmful to children.
But, the reports which are being highlighted in the media from time to time tell a sad tale of how mid–day meals are polluting and vitiating the overall academic atmosphere in schools. In many cases, the managing committee, the headmaster and even teachers collude together to make the meals a means of their extra income. Cooks are simply asked to attend to their duties and once in a blue moon, they have to cook and serve.
Most tragic, as reports indicate mid–day meals are shown as being stolen in the dead of night by unscrupulous elements which are nothing but cock and bull story. Children have often to hit the streets, demanding mid–day meals. Here is the glaring example of a LP school under Ramkrishna Nagar block elementary education. Though two TET teachers have been appointed in the school, classes are taken by a hired female teacher. There is nothing like teaching and learning. The teacher taken on hire when asked by the guardians about the mid–day meals said that the entire quantity of rice and oil had been stolen from the godown. The headmaster is seldom seen, it is alleged. (SentinelAssam)