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August 06, 2013

Lakhipur administration’s drive against encroachment

SILCHAR, August 5: Under persistent public demand, Lakhipur administration has at last initiated drive against encroachment, unauthorized shops, illicit liquor sales points, random parking of vehicles, all sorts of gambling and other social evils. Petty vendors and shops have encroached upon footpaths and roads, thereby creating obstacles in the movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic, besides congestion. All these often result in accident, sometime fatal.
Apart from encroachment, another serious problem against which various organizations have been voicing their concern and even hitting the streets in protest are the mushrooming of illicit liquor shops and open gambling. The youths in particular are being encouraged to take recourse to such evil habits. Women bodies in particular have been quite vociferous for tough action by the civil administration for a long time.
As the menace of encroachment, illicit liquor sale and consumption as well as gambling has assumed, the civil administration of Lakhipur in coordination with police and CRPF after carrying out operation in and around the town a week ago has targeted Binnakandie ghat today. Binnakandie ghat has been in focus for all sorts of illegal activities.
The Lakhipur town and Binnakandie ghat in the suburb have been made free from illegal encroachment and unauthorized parking. Illicit liquor dens and gambling spots have been raided and demolished. Circle Officer, Ruth Lienthang, said over telephone from the sub divisional town of Lakhipur, "The operations at Lakhipur and Binnakandie ghat have been widely supported by all sections of people. There has been no protest or resistance." People wanted it and we did it, she added to say. In this operation, she was assisted by SDPO, Anjan Pandit, as well as GP president of Binnakandie, Bimala Devi.
Ruth Lienthang pointed out the road has now been widened and people can easily move through. She expects traffic jam, a daily affair, will also ease. She also has a word of caution if there is repetition of encroachment and illegal parking, the administration will be more strict to deal with it. She has also sent the signal against any move to revive the illicit liquor shops and gambling points. (SentinelAssam)