Fulertal–Lakhipur PWD road in shambles

SILCHAR, July 8: Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi, might claim all the achievements of his government, now in 13 years of rule, on development, a visit across the rural areas of Cachar brings out the stark reality of neglect and indifference. The photograph accompanying this report from the sub divisional town of Lakhipur is a tell–tale of development in respect of construction and maintenance of the network of road in the sub division of Cachar.
The vital link of the sub divisional headquarters located in the eastern most part of the district, the 3 km long Fulertal to Lakhipur PWD road, is in shambles. The entire stretch of this road that connects the Silchar–Imphal Highway 37, earlier 53, is full of craters and potholes. The showers of monsoon have made the road muddy and quite difficult to negotiate by the vehicular traffic. The difficulty faced by the pedestrians can well be imagined than understood.
And the condition of the road maintained by PWD (R), Cachar division is deteriorating day by day, raising question about its maintenance. According to information, Rs. 1.5 crore was allotted for its repair and improvement earlier, though the fund from where it was released could not be known. It was followed by allotment of Rs. 47 lakh under CRF (Central Road Fund) and then Rs. 20 lakh, the source of funding however could not be ascertained, was allotted. People of Lakhipur quite legitimately ask the question where do the funds go? It therefore behoves on PWD (R) to come with an explanation. (SentinelAssam)

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