Citizens of Lakhipur stage protest over fare hike in public transports

SILCHAR, May 4: The citizens of Lakhipur registered their protest against the abnormal hike in the public transport fare and staged a four–hour–long protest demonstration recently. The protestors raised the demands of setting a Treasury office at Lakhipur and re–opening of Lakhipur–Manipur road, Lakhipur–Silchar road.
They raised a strong objection against the hikeof Rs 10 from the travellers in the Silchar–Lakhipur which is only 33km in distance. Similar is the condition of passengers travelling in Joypur and Jirighat route. They underlined the importance on the importance of old Silchar–Manipur road as they said that if the road is re–opened, the area will get a tremendous boost as regard to development.
They also expressed their concern at the worsening condition of the roads, the construction of which were concluded in 2011. They pointed out that the condition of the roads especially Lakhipur–Fulertal is in very dilapidated condition anddemanded its repair. Theythreatened that if their demands are not addressed they would resort to mass protest. (SentinelAssam)

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