Reservation of MLA seat for Manipuris demanded

SILCHAR, April 26: The oath taking ceremony of the newly elected executive members of Manipuri Diaspora, Assam central committee, took place at Thoughal Matup hall at Lala in Hailakandi district.
Asem Mani Singha, formerLabour officer, executed the ceremony of the 18 newly elected members.
L Manlemba Singha, the outgoing Vice President and President in charge, handed over the charges to the newly elected President, L Tejomani Singha.
An open discussion was later held under the chairmanship of L Manlemba Singha. GeneralSecretary M Shanti Kumar Singha welcomed the new executive committee members, invited guests and others present on the occasion and sought their cooperation to implementand materialize the objectives of the ManipuriDiaspora for the welfare of the Manipuri community people of the state.
He stated that there is a need to visit all the Manipuri dominated villages by the newly elected body to listen their grievances and suffering so that their problems could be addressed. He also underlined about sensitizing the people about their rights and privileges.
All the speakers pointed out that the people belonging to Manipuri community need political patronage.
"The hue and cry of the Manipuris could only be solved when we can create a leader to address the demands of this community in the floor of Assam Legislative Assembly," one of the speakers opined.
Unanimously they said that the plea of this community being unheard for long and theyare being used as 'vote–banks' by the political leaders of the state. They demanded the reservation of an MLA constituency for Manipuris in Assam. They at the same time demanded reservation of three seats for Manipuris in the Upper House.
An advisory committee was also formed which included Justice R K Manisana, R K Kinungsana, L ManglembaSingha, M Surhyakumar Sharma, Biswajit Singha, Sukendu Singha, K Nanibabu, S Chandrabati, K Kamdev and N Angousana. The meeting also decided to send a delegation to the first executive committee meeting of Manipuri Diaspora of North East India. (source=sentinelassam)

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