Awareness campaign against crimes against women and children

SILCHAR, April 28: In viewof the increasing incidence of crimes against women and children, now a matter of serious concern for all right thinking and conscientious people across the country, the Sub Divisional Women Cell of Lakhipur in the district of Cachar, awareness campaign has been chalked out from the gaon panchayat level in order to involve all sections of people for adopting effective strategy to deal with the situation. This has been decided at a meeting of the Women Cell presided over by Biresh Chandra Nath, Sub Divisional Officer. Various problems and issues confronting women and children havebeen discussed. It has been noted that as a part of the combative approach, stress has been laid on coordination and cooperation among different women organizations, working for the protection of their rights and also to prevent child abuses in the society.
Among other suggestions offered by the participants at the meeting, it has been pointed out that in order to resolve the family dispute centering round women, conciliations and mutual consultations have to be given priority before exploring legal options. The Women Cell of the Sub Division can be approached with petitions for resolution, it has been further resolved.
In order to make women self–reliant economically, they have been advised to come forward and avail themselves of the various job facilities offered by the different government departments.Economic sustenance is one of the effective means of easing family burden and it is also a cause of much of the tension and conflict. The campaign also includes ways and means for controlling the exploding population, about which programmes have been detailed. The SDO in his address called upon women to become more conscious of their rights and duties as well as the important status they hold in the family and thesociety. It is this consciousness that is more important to meet the challenges of the timeboldly and also overcome them. (SENTINELASSAM)

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