Re–poll in 58 booths went off peacefully in Barak Valley

Silchar, Feb 14: The re–polling held at fifty eight polling stations in Barak Valley today went off peacefully amidst strict security surveillance. The re–poll was necessitated at thirty–three stations in Cachar, twenty–three in Karimganj and two in Hailakandi as the miscreants disrupted the smooth pooling process in the valley on February 12, the third and last phase of panchayat elections.
Around 70 percent polling was registered in the valley. People from the morning were seen standing in  long queues at different re–polling centres of the valley with full of enthusiasm.
Out of all the 33 re–polling centres in Cachar, nine stations were at South Katigorah, three at East Katigorah, six at South Borkhola, one at South Udarbond, two at West Borkhola, four at East Borkhola, three at South Sonai, two at East Sonai, one each at West Sonai, Central Sonai and East Silchar. In Hailakandi, the two re–polling stations were 420 no. Tikarbasti LP School under Rangauti–Nitainagar ZP constituency and 9 no. Bandukmara LP School under Mathijuri–Paikan GP constituency. In Karimganj, out of total 23 re–polling stations, 2 each were under Aanipur ZP, Achimganj ZP, Kankalas ZP, Srigouri ZP, and Bakarshal–Nairgram ZP constituencies, one each were under Gandhai–Brahmansashan ZP, Sarisha–Bajarghat ZP and Kaliganj ZP constituencies, three each were under Luairpua ZP and Nilambazar Zp constituencies, and maximum of four re–polling centres were at under Maijgram–Sutarkandi ZP constituencies.
It can be recollected here that the third and last phase of panchayat elections was by and large peaceful in the valley, but a few incidents of sporadic violence had affected the smooth polling process, resulting in re–pooling in these centres. The maximum number of incidents of rigging, booth capturing and forced polling had taken place in the ALA constituency of Katigorah in Cachar. In Cachar, there were a total of 1669 polling booths while in Karimganj and Hailakandi, the numbers of polling stations were 971 and 626 respectively.
The attacks on the polling personnel by the political goons at several booths while discharging during during the poll hours were vehemently condemned by different organizations and they demanded the medical expenses for the injured personnel to be borne by the government. (source:Sentinelassam)

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