Congress strong and steady to dominate zila parishads in Cachar

Silchar, Feb 15: From the trend of counting at ISBT and ISTT centres, it seems that the Congress is goingto form zila parishad onceagain in Cachar. As per thelatest report, Congress haswon all the three zila parishad seats, the resultsof which were declared today.
In East Lakhipur zila parishad constituency, the Congress nominated candidate Pradip Dey defeated his closest candidate of AIUDF, Abul Kalam Laskar by the margin of 9050 votes. Pradip Dey got 13, 131 votes while Abdul Kalam recived 4, 081 votes. In north Lakhipur constituency, Sathi Karmakar of Congress drubbed the independent candidate, Sanchita Chowdhury by a margin of 7223 votes. In west Dholai, Congress nominated Krishna Pada Dutta of Congress won against his closest candidate of BJP, Sekhar Goala.
The counting for twenty seven zila parishads, 163 AP members, 163 GP members are underway. It is expected that the results of the polls are likely to be declared in a day or two as the ballot papers instead of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were used during the panchayat polls.
So far the results of the APmembers, GP members and group members weredeclared today, the Congress nominated candidates and the independent candidates were seen to be dominating.
According to the sources, Congress is looking strongand steady to dominate the zila parishads in both Hailakandi and Karimganj. The views of political pundits who earlier said that Congress would lose a few seats seems to be fallen flat as the ruling party maintainstheir domination in all theseats of AP members, GP presidents, ZP member and ward member.
The results of the panchayat polls are very crucial for the major political parties like Congress, BJP and AIUDF with an eye on Loksabha Elections, which is scheduled to be held next year. The results would also help the political parties to test the water before the 2014 general elections. (SentinelAssam)

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