Martyrdom of U Who Kiang Nangbah observed

SILCHAR, Jan 21: Residentsof Machkal Arunpunji, Binnakandi in Cachar celebrated the 150th death anniversary of martyr U Who Kiang Nangbah, who was hanged till death on December 30, 1862 by theBritish rulers in a befittingmanner. People from all walks of life offered their floral tributes at martyr column, remembering his sacrifice for the independence of the country.
Speaking on the occasion,Banamali Pashoad, retiredteacher, threw light on the life history of U Who Kiang Nangbah who sacrificed his life at the age of 27. He was born in 1835 at Topeppole villageof Jayantia Hills district in Meghalaya. His mother Rimai Nangbah motivatedhim to join the freedom movement.
U Kiang Nangbah had no royal background and belonged to the ordinary family. Though he was very young in age at the time of annexation, he was greatly disturbed by the highhandedness of the Britishers and becameinvolved in the independence movement.He showed his protest against the British government for imposing house tax on the residents of Meghalaya, saying "natives do not pay taxes to the foreigners", which later inspired thousands of people of the State to get involved in the anti-British movement. He was hanged by British on December 30, 1862. Several distinguished speakers spoke on the lifeof Nangbah. Members andsupporters of the martyr U Who Kiang Nangbah death anniversary celebration committee, Machkal-Arunpunji, Binnakandi, in Cachar district demanded to declare the day as the national holiday to pay homage to the martyr. (Sentinelassam)

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