Cold wave continues to sweep Barak Valley

SILCHAR, Jan 11: Cold wave continues to batter the normal life in all threedistricts of Barak Valley asit today witnessed another chilly day which has sent the shivers downthe spine. In fact, normal life across the valley has been badly affected. As dusk begins and night advances, roads and streets become deserted with few vehicles and pedestrians on the move. It has been an unprecedented cold weather according to the elderly citizens it has never happened in the last 30 years. Unless and otherwise on urgent assignments or works, people preferred to stay indoors. Many were seen warming themselves before bonfires after the dusk in all the parts of thevalley.
According to Metrological Department, in Cachar, the maximum temperature today was recorded at 13 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature was 5 degree Celsius. In Karimganj, maximum temparature was recorded at 15 degree Celsius and minimum wasat 6 degree. In Hailakandi,the maximum was at 14 degree Celsius and minimum temperature was recorded at 6 degree Celsius.
Moreover, mild chilly winds blowing across the valley and lack of sufficient sunlight have added to the woes of the people. It is predicted that the temperature might go further down in the next 48 hours. People are taking all precautions by pulling up all sorts of warm garments and covers to ward off the biting cold. The situation is such that the schools and colleges as well as the university are recording thinner attendance. "Severe cold has impacted me so adversely that I am now down with cough and cold and I have to skip classes, praying for sunny and warm days," said Madhumita Acharjee, a student of Law department, Assam University.(Sentinelassam)