Binnakandi tea estate sets noble example

SILCHAR, Jan 11: Binnakandi tea estate located in the eastern part of Cachar district under Lakhipur sub division has set a noble example by sharing a partof its profit with its 864 work force. An amount of Rs 4.5 lakh has been distributed among the workers at a simple function held in the premises of the tea estateon Thursday. The amount has been handed over to the workers by the Chief Executive officer of the tea estate, Satish Chandra Gupta, in the presence of commercial manager, Arun Kumar Sharma. Presenting the cash award, Gupta said that this has been in recognition of their regular attendance to help the management in the smooth running of thetea estate with its three other out gardens, Machkhal, Choto Mahandaand Boali. This financial incentive has been termed by the management as 'attendance reward'.
This move of the Binnakandie tea estate has been hailed in the union as well as workers' circles across Barak Valley. Many tea gardens face large scale 'absenteeism' among workers who prefer to take up other jobs, particularly the schemes under MNREGS. Some of them have been contemplating to opt for mechanization of the manual system in order tooffset the scarcity of workforce due to absenteeism among workers. But, this trend can be checked by the managements in trouble on this ground by being generous and sympathetic to the cause of workers by extending them a part of their profit apart from their regular wages by following the example of Binnakandie management.
The statement of Ishwar Bhai Obadiya, manager of Rosekandy tea estate, on Thursday before media-persons, is quite significant who has spoken of good returns byall the tea gardens of this Barak Valley and does notfind any cause of losses being suffered by them. This has been a positive development for the tea industry of this valley for the last two years. He has even said if any tea garden does not make profit in the favourable condition created by the good relations between the management and workers, the fault lies within.
Rosekandy tea estate is another example of betterand healthier relations between its managementand work force and it has been a trouble free garden for its pro workersattitude. (Sentinelassam)

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