Manipuri Sahitya Parishad meets Assam Governor

SILCHAR, Dec 20: A delegation of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Assam, Cachar district committee met the Governor of Assam, JB Patnaik and submitted a memorandum to him for making necessary provisions for two posts of Manipuri language teachers in five stage high schools and high madrassas and one post of Manipuri language teacher in two stage high schools and high madrassas. The Parishad also sought his intervention for inclusion of one Manipuri language teacher in the ME and ME madrassa schools of Barak Valley and for precise definition of mixed medium schools as Bengali and Manipuri or Manipuri and Bengali in lieu of Bodo and Assamese.
The delegation was led by Dr M Santi Kumar Singha, secretary, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Assam Cachar district committee, besides Pakachand Singha, president, Murli Singha, Chandrabati Devi, Sabitri Devi, Loken Singha, Biswajit Singha.
The members presented a Manipuri "Koyet and Laisangti" to JB Patnaik. In return JB Patnaik also presented an Assamese Gamosa made of silk to them as a mark of love to Manipuri culture.
The memorandum submitted by the Parishad speaks about the scrapping of the Manipuri language teacher posts from the non-Manipuri ME and high schools from the staff pattern of the schools which are going to be provincialzed soon based on the recently passed educational bill- 2012. As an usual process based on the Provincialization Act of 1977, all the non-Manipuri ME and high schools are having MIL (Manipuri) language teachers to teach Manipuri language to the Manipuri students. But, surprisingly, the said post has been scrapped off in the Bill. This will deprive the Manipuri students of learning their mother tongue on the one hand, and the teachers who are serving in those schools since their establishment in the hope that one day their services will be provincialized will lose their jobs, on the other hand.
It is worth-mentioning that the services of the Manipuri language teachers have already been recognized by the government after their appointment by the school authority concerned with due approval of the district school authority. At this critical juncture, when the services of teachers of other languages are going to be provincialized by the government, Manipuri language teachers are faced with a problem which cannot be justified.
The Parishad has emphasized that as the provincialization process which is going to be completed soon by making necessary amendment in the present Bill, the Governor has been impressed upon to look into the matter with the seriousness it deserves.
JB Patnaik assured the members that he would make necessary recommendations for bringing about or incorporating the amendment in the Bill.
He at the same time exchanged his views with the members on Manipuri culture, art, tradition and literature. He asked for a detailed chronological literary works of Manipuri language writers in English. He appreciated Manipuri dance as a classical form. The Governor said he would ensure that no injustice was done to the Manipuri community of Barak Valley in respect of their language and teacher. (Source-SentinelAssam)