Dog show by Kennel Club of Silchar on January 27

SILCHAR, Dec 16: Kennel Club of Silchar will hold 'Dog Show' on January 27 in the Assam Rifles Ground here which will bea normal pet show, pointed out Jayanta K Ghosh, president of the newly constituted body. According to him, the Kennel Club of Silchar since its inception in 1991has organized 15 dog shows in which apart from local areas and otherparts of the country, participants from abroad also with their high breeddogs took part. The participants were from foreign countries like United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, Bangladesh among others. In fact, after 2004, the Club became defunct due to various factors.
Considering the keen interest and enthusiasm of the dog lovers, Ghosh said a new committee was formed on August 5, 2012. According to their information, during the last 4 to 5 years, many imported and quality dogs have come to the region. In order to bring these dogs under the ambit of the Club, these will be registered which will then qualify for all the benefits for their better care and look after,he said. At present, only 20 dogs are registered. The dogs after being tested and certified through a specially designed apparatus 'microchip' by empaneled judges will be registered.
Bhagya Bhaskar Mahapatra, technical advisor of the Silchar Kennel Club, said that like any other country in the world, India too has kennel controlling authority named as Kennel Club of India basedat Chennai which is affiliated to London Kennel Club, Asia Kennel Union and Federation Synology International. There are 47 kennel clubs in the country, all located mostly in the state capitals
Mahapatra added to say how rules and regulationsas formulated by the Kennel Club of India have to be followed and the preferable season is from September to March. The rules are of International standard and in all 350 breeds are internationallyrecognized. In the north-east, he is the only personto certify a dog. He at the same time stated that judges from outside were on the panel to conduct all the 15 shows held here.
The show is competitive and the competitions are held on the basis of breed standard test, obedience test and agility test. The best judged dog fetches enough fortune for the owner and that makes the show not only competitive but also highly professional.
Dr Manmath Nath, former president and the executive member of the newly formed committee,tracing the backdrop of the beginning of the Kennel Club, said the inspiration behind it wentto well known personalities who included JC Das, Dilip Shyam and Rabi Choudhury among others who got him involved also. The well known dog lover with all the knowledge and expertise and an international judge, Partha Shekhar Chatterjee of Kolkata, extended all help and cooperation to it. The message that the Kennel Club of Silchar would like to convey is that man has to take care and love dogs. Randhir Dutta Choudhury, secretary, alsobriefed the mediapersons all about the activities of the Club, revived after long 7 years. The press conference was held in the conference hall of Surma Valley Branch Indian Tea Association, Club Road, today.
Following members were elected to the new committee of Silchar Kennel Club.
President, Jayanta K Ghosh, vice presidents, Dr Gobinda Krishna Chakraborty,
Virender Singh Rathore, Ravi Choudhury, Secretary, Randhir Dutta Choudhury, joint secretary, Buddhadev Choudhury, treasurer, Swapan Saha, executive committee members, Dr Manmath Nath, Prasanta Kishore Das, Pradip Chakraborty and technicaladvisor, Bhagya Bhaskar Mahapatra. (SentinelAssam)

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